Week of Workouts: April 6-12

I’m back, bitches.

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Yup, it’s the return of the DailyMile training reports. 

While I no longer care about hitting arbitrary mileage goals or getting validation from strangers on my training log (duh, that’s what Instagram is for), I like these little reports.

So, this go-around, Jess is sending me a list of workouts for the week instead of scheduling them on certain days. Since I sometimes attend workout previews for work or this li’l site, sometimes my workout schedule can get a bit unpredictable. The schedule consists of: three “key” workouts (a long run, a tempo and an interval/track workout), an optional easy run, one day of strength and one day of HIIT. 

Here’s what I got into last week:

Monday: Rest day. I know it sets the tone, etc, for the week to work out Monday, but damn, sleeping in Monday feels awesome. (Especially since I do usually work out both weekend days in the morning.) Oh, you’re all getting a jump on the week, etc? Cool, I’m just catching some extra zzzz’s with my furball.

North River Company Lobster Boat

Tuesday: Can’t say I mind a little alliteration: Tuesday Tempo: 2 miles warm-up, 2 miles tempo, 1 mile cool-down, goal pace for tempo miles: 8:00 – 8:10. Can’t remember the last time I did a tempo, so I fired up my favorite new Spotify station (but I have a gazillion recent favorites, so I’m going to do a post on that soon) and rolled out. It was drizzly, but after running a half in the rain, it seriously didn’t faze me in the least. Oh? My face is wet? Cool. 

Wednesday: I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night, and I ended up sleeping right through an Uplift class. FAIL. My day never got better after this, either, and all I wanted was a good night’s sleep and to chill the eff out, so I booked a yoga class on ClassPass at Studio Anya in my ‘hood. I didn’t love (or hate!) the class — the inside of the studio is a little odd and I just couldn’t get into the vibe — but I walked out much more relaxed, so it “worked.”

Thursday: Rest day. I don’t remember now why?

Friday: Two-a-day! AM run. I was supposed to do speed, but I just couldn’t bring myself to for whatever reason, so I did 4 easy miles. // PM: Peloton

New York Junior League Run Club

Saturday: NYJL Run Club / long run

P.S. (I’m running the NYC Marathon with the NYJL to raise money for underserved women and children in NYC — please consider donating here!)

I had 8 miles on my schedule, so I ran up to the park and ran around a bit to get to 4 before I met them, and then ran 4 with them. We’ve been having some special guests come speak to us lately, and Saturday’s guest was physical therapist Wendy Winn. She runs her own practice, is also a runner (so understands runner’s needs), and was super sweet. I have no injuries right now (I HOPE I DIDN’T JUST JINX MYSELF), and Finish Line is closer to me (and I am moderately lazy), but I would go to Wendy in a heartbeat otherwise.

Sunday: I should have done my missed speed workout on Sunday, but I’d booked a Soul Cycle class with HALLIE (who just started teaching there, and I was dying to try her class), and I decided to just do that. Well, Hallie’s freaking killing it at Soul. Go take her class if you can!

I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s new book, and I’ve been thinking about my own habits. Meditation is something that always makes me feel better, but that I don’t prioritize. Same with working my core. I am perpetually unhappy with how it looks, but I don’t do anything about it on my own. New goals: 5 minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of core work — both at night and in the morning. I can certainly find an extra 10 minutes for both of these things on either end of my day.

Oh, and to prioritize ALL of my running workouts this week, especially the speed ones.

Tentative plan: Tuesday Tempo, Thursday Track, Saturday 5K/10K. Strength, Friday; Black Fire, Sunday.

What’s your week of workouts looking like?

8 comments on “Week of Workouts: April 6-12

  1. Staci

    I’m loving your blog lately, really helping to keep me inspired as I’m working hard to get back to a certain level of fitness and nutrition that I used to be at. Love me a nice mix of running, cycling, weight lifting and some yoga every week!

  2. Jebbica

    Hi there, I just found your blog looking for other weight loss blogs. I love it! I am going to have to dig around on here more, but congrats to you for losing 50 lbs and keeping it off! Love your blog colors too. 🙂

  3. Shawna

    i have a friend who works at Peloton and i’ve heard pretty decent things about it, so hopefully i’ll get myself there at some point. not much of a spinner but it’d be a nice change/complement to all the running! same with yoga. such a yoga fail, but need to start.

  4. Victoria

    That sounds like a pretty solid run training plan – I’ll admit that I have a twinge of jealousy for all the cool fitness classes you have a chance to do! I love triathlon, but sometimes the sacrifices you have to make re: anything else fitness related can be a drag.

  5. Marj

    So inspiring that you run so many miles. I tried running daily a while back but I noticed that if I ran a good number of miles per week after 3 or so months my left knee starts to act up. It was an old volleyball injury back from school. Wish I could but now I’m down to less running and more hiking.


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