This Weird Pre-Race Zen

Despite my best efforts, I am not quite what you would call a zen person.

I’d like to think I exude some calmness on the outside, but on the inside, I’m pretty high-strung. 

Yet, in my years of running, I’ve become pretty zen about races. 

I think a big part of that comes from routine after running some 70 races and 20-something halfs.

Carb up, go to sleep early, wake up early, use the bathroom 17000 times, cab to the race, take a pre-race pic…and go!

There are six other ladies at work running this race (YAY FITNESS COMPANY), and for the past few days, there’s been lots of buzz around the race. What to wear, when to get there, etc. I LOVE IT. 

And at the same time, I am so relieved to not be freaking out about those details. Yes, the weather forecast is shit, but I didn’t really look until last night despite having heard about it all week.

There’s nothing I can do.

All I can do is get lots of sleep tonight, charge up my Garmin and hope for the best.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon DC

Even if it rains, I’m ready.

I just need to find the perfect headband to match with my outfit, duh. And I’m so excited to see the boss lady, Emily and Emily on the course.

The only pre-race anxiety is whether I can reach my goal or not.

But there’s only one way to find out! 

See you on the other side!

(Also, how can I apply this zen to the rest of my life?!)

7 comments on “This Weird Pre-Race Zen

  1. Nikki@will run for pizza

    I was JUST saying this to my friend who will ONLY run 1 half marathon a year with me because she lets it mentally get to her. I told her that since I’ve started running MORE races, it’s become calmer and calmer each time…

  2. Revu69

    WoW!!! really admirable. Sounds like something freaky cool. Thanks a lot for sharing your great thoughts through your amazing post. Looking forward for more from you.


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