Healthy Vacation in Florida

Hello from Florida!

I’ll admit, the past two years or so that I’ve traveled, I really haven’t cared about what I’ve done as far as nutrition or fitness. And it’s showed. Now that I’ve made a concerted effort in the past month or so to be really cognizant of my health habits again, I knew I needed to be on top of my game while traveling.

Especially since I won’t be spending a weekend at home until July 18. Which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome, but requires some extra attention to health habits.

Rum Runner

So while I’ve had a rum runner or two…

Saucony 26 Strong

I’ve also been a runner myself. I even did my first speed workout of marathon training here.

And yes, apparently extreme humidity really scares me.


There is really no breakfast I love more than scrambled eggs and toast, so it’s easy to stay on track with breakfast. I’ve swapped the potatoes for fruit, because I honestly don’t even really love breakfast potatoes, I just eat them because they’re there.

While it certainly takes more discipline to run than sleep in, it is so well worth it to:

1. Feel good in a bathing suit.

2. Know I am sticking to my marathon training schedule.

3. Burn some calories before I do anything else.

4. Explore the area in a way I wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

How do you stay healthy on vacay?

6 comments on “Healthy Vacation in Florida

  1. Mary

    I always bring along printouts for bodyweight work outs! My boyfriend and I have a folder of about 40 workouts, and ill just grab one for where ever I am. When I was working as a sober transport, they were super helpful, as I spent most nights in airport hotels or staying with the clients. Unless I’ll be there for a while, I find it difficult to get out and run. If I’m somewhere for a weekend or longer, I’ll most likely go for a run. But when it’s just a night? home workout for me 🙂

  2. Morgan

    Running sure beats sleeping in once you are finish with running. The hard part is getting out of bed and taking the first step. Once that part is done it gets a lot easier.

  3. nicole

    Enjoy your vacation!
    I’m lucky in that the place we got a few times a year has an amazing fitness center, so I’m up early everyday to take advantage of the classes. And then a nice long walk on the beach every afternoon to stretch out and stay active.
    Work travel=hotel fitness centers or in-room workouts via video clips.

  4. Aimee

    It is so hard to stay on track during vacation. I want to let it all go, so I admire your fortitude and commitment. I hope in August I can be as diligent.


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