Weekly SwEats:Accountability Counts!


So, I missed a week of Weekly SwEats last week, so let’s call it the Semi-Weekly SwEats?

Also, I leave for vacation with my family tomorrow morning, so I’ve had a lot to do personally and at work to get ready to go on vacation. When I went to Europe, I wondered if the pre-vacation stress was worth it, and…yes, yes it is.

And maybe I shouldn’t have had cold brew at 7pm at work? We wrote a tutorial on it at work recently, and I’ve been hooked since trying our test batch. I have not attempted to make my own because I do not have a French press, but buying a bottle at Fairway or Trader Joe’s has worked just fine for me. As someone with a sensitive stomach, it’s much easier on my stomach than traditional iced coffee, though it can make me a bit more jittery.

So, to the sweats! (I will use this post series to make as many awkward sweaty jokes as I can, you’re welcome.)

Weekly Sweats

Monday: 30 minute Body Pump class. Every blogger in the world talks about BodyPump, and I’d actually tried it like four years ago, but it’s on ClassPass now, so my coworker Amanda and I took a class since she’d just written about it. Verdict: not the most beginner-friendly class since it’s hard to figure out how much weight you can use. I do feel like I went a little light on the weights. But for 30 minutes, it was a good enough workout!

Tuesday: LTF Arm Forge. 38 minutes of JUST working my upper body. Ouch. Multiple versions of bicep curls, tricep curls, box dips, etc. 

Wednesday: To be honest, I just couldn’t get out of bed. I was going out that night, and so I knew I *should*, but I just couldn’t.

Thursday: Ran 4 miles with my coworker Alex and did a little DailyBurn Pilates at work. Alex hemmed and hawed about running, but I had some kind of motivational quote for every excuse she threw at me, and finally she realized it was just easier to come with me.

Friday: Ran 3 miles with coworkers

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 4 miles

I knew I’d start marathon training this week (woooooo), so I gave myself some permission to slack a bit on the exercise if I wanted, since I have 19 weeks of training ahead of me.

Weekly Eats

I’ve been really consistent with tracking my food, and it’s working! I’ve lost 3 pounds, and honestly feel so much better about the decisions I’m making about what I’m putting in my body.

Breakfasts have usually been: Ezekiel bread with either almond butter + banana OR with avocado + an egg. I’m trying to cut back on this, but when I do get a deli breakfast, it’s egg + turkey bacon + avocado on a whole wheat or GF wrap.

Lunch: We get catered sandwiches twice a week. I’m not so into all that bread, so I’ve been picking the bread off and bringing my own side salads. On the days we don’t have lunch catered, I’ve either been bringing veggies + grain + a meat OR a Sweetgreen salad or ordering two sushi rolls w/brown rice + salad. 

As I said, I’m headed off for vacay tomorrow morning. My vacation health goals (especially since I’ll spend the next two weekends away, too): stick to all workouts, healthy breakfast and lunch and no pasta or bread at dinner, and limit the booze. The following two weekends away with friends, I’ll be trying to eat REALLY well during the week when I’m home, and as well as possible for breakfast/lunch to give myself a bit more leeway when out with friends.

Logging everything I’m eating has REALLY helped me realize the impact of my actions, which has made it way easier to stay on track. 

How do you stay on track? Who wants to remind me the next time I have coffee at 7pm that I can get a whole lot of work done that night but will never be able to sleep?

10 comments on “Weekly SwEats:Accountability Counts!

  1. Ash Diamond

    Great job on sticking with your goals on the food front – small changes make a HUGE difference! I think you’ll find that having a healthy start (i.e breakfast and lunch) on vacation helps mentally!

  2. Victoria

    Congrats on losing 3 pounds! Once you are in the ideal weight range, losing ANYTHING is a struggle (as you know) so that is a huge accomplishment. Keep it up!

  3. Katie @ Live Half Full

    I stay on track by holding myself accountable as well! I share my weekly meal plan/workout recaps every Sunday on my blog but it’s mainly just for me to get/stay organized and intention set for the week.

    I love your vacation goals- very realistic so you won’t get frustrated!

  4. Lynn (Tahoe Fabulous)

    I love cold brew coffee too, and I usually make it in my french press. But you can also just make it in a mason jar, and then filter it using a regular old coffee filter or through cheese cloth. I did that all the time before I got a french press.

  5. Tracy Schwartz

    I love my Runner’s World Beginner Journal to keep track of my workouts. I have also added meals here and there.

    I have a bachelorette party in Vegas in August and it scares me; but I plan to stick to my goals and make modifications only if 100% necessary.

  6. Coby @ Skinny Fiber

    This is the first time I visited your blog and I must admit I enjoyed reading your writing style. I too have never been on for running, so I think would be more like your friend Alex with the no no nope not running today! It’s good to have friends like you that can push and motivate 🙂


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