A Nice Little Saturday

I’m coming to you live from MY COUCH and it is glorious.

I’ve truly had a wonderful summer jetting off to the beach nearly every weekend, but I also need some time at home to ground and center me. And…to spend time in the air conditioning. Apparently all of my friends are having fun without me right now, and I truly couldn’t care less because they are not on my couch.

After a BUSY week (/few weeks), I’m happy for some down time.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

My friends and I could not be more basic, and I don’t care.

Props to Ashley for buying me the Lilly tumblers and props to Meg for…everything but the wine + cheese. Apparently she has a big basket of maize-and-blue plastic place settings at the ready in her apartment for spontaneous picnicking, because my friends are the best.

Last night, we headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park for Shakespeare in the Park to see Measure for Measure. Welp, apparently it was a roving performance, because once we’d spread out our stuff, we all moved. And then the show moved again, and we did not, because, cheese. We capped our night with a little ice cream from Blue Marble, which my FreshDirect buds told me about. SO GOOD. I had the coffee flavor in the smallest size possible, because too much dairy makes me sick.

And then it was to bed early to wake up for my “long” run this morning. I went to bed really happy last night that I was going to be able to get out there today and enjoy Summer Streets (where they close down Park Ave to cars (<< I wrote carbs first because they are always on my mind) and just really happy that I’m a runner. 

Summer Streets

Stealing Ashley’s photo because I edited mine with my sunglasses on, because I’m smart like that. She and Bo had 8 miles on their schedule, I had 6. (The good news: my injury is like 95% better; the bad news: I’m drastically behind for my marathon training.) We ran down from 28/Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. They continued on to Brooklyn to do apartment stuff, and I turned around and saw both Leticia and Melissa, and I was super happy to be out there

IMG 3753

p.s. I snap at theodorable211. 

Afterwards, it was down to Arrojo to do something about my bleached-out, fried hair. WHEW. 

And after a weird amount of boob talk at work this week, I decided I needed a bra fitting and stopped at Intimacy to see what was up. Turns out I’m a full cup size bigger than I realized. I’d been wearing Victoria’s Secret bras that were WAY too padded, and I got myself into a normal adult bra that fits correctly and doesn’t have two inches of padding, and I am much happier with how I look now. And now I just wrote three sentences about my boobs.

How’s your Saturday??

10 comments on “A Nice Little Saturday

  1. Mary

    Ohhh I’ve heard about the shutting down the streets thing! That’s so cool. who would have thought NY would do something like that hahah.

    Lots of talks about boobs. On blogs, in person, etc. I need to get fitted for both regular bras and sports bras. it has been SO. LONG. and I feel like i’m completely in the wrong sizes. plus, my sports bras are all a couple years old, so that’s apparently not good…

    i wish i spent the weekend on the couch. im about to right now, but i had work all day today AND i work tomorrow.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Ooh! I’ll take a look at True and Co.

      I can’t say I have a sports bra I’m crazy about. I’ve generally worn the uniboob ones and they’ve kind of worked for me, but I do think I probably need more support.


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