An Uplifting Fundraiser

If I ever use #blessed unironically, you do have full permission to bitch-slap me, promise.

But…I’m feeling pretty damn close to that right now!


On Sunday afternoon, I hosted a fundraiser for my marathon at Uplift.

Let’s recap:

-Some of my favorite people in the world

My favorite place in NYC to work out

Raising money for my favorite cause

Having hit more than 50% of my minimum!

Mama coming in to play

Lacey special-requesting that Kat (the fabulous instructor) play Bartender for me (an inside joke from our latest trip to Puerto Rico)

…and then my special-requesting that Kat play the Thong Song, just because.

And giggling through both of these songs.

My back being able to tolerate 95% of the workout.

Lifting for the first time in a month and realizing how much I’d missed it!

Uplift NYJL

…and, of course, capping it all off with some wine. I found one of my favorites, a Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs that reminded me of my trip to Sonoma a few years ago.


And then we maybe continued at Eataly?

Life is good, y’all. 

I’m so lucky for the amazingly generous people in my life — from everyone who’s donated, to the wonderful Kat to donating her time, to Leanne for donating the studio space for a few hours.

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