Cautiously Optimistic


West Side Highway

I ran AGAIN this morning with no pain!!!


(My coworker Alex reminds me of Kimmy Schmidt, right down to the red hair. When I walked in this morning, I asked her if this is what she felt like all. the. time. If so, sign me up!)

This past month or so of being injured, I have been SO careful and so obedient, listening to every single word my PT’s said.

I’ve been injured before, and it sucks. I know trying to be a hero will only prolong my healing, keeping me in pain longer and keeping me from doing things I love to do — and keeping me from my active lifestyle — longer. And a happy Theodora is fueled by endorphins.

Yesterday, I told my PT how I’d run this weekend and taken it really easy, as well as taken my Uplift class Sunday and yoga yesterday. I think she was actually shocked that I’d taken everything so easy — she said she doesn’t usually see that among other runners.

I’m cleared for running twice a week outside, my long runs on the Alter-G and swimming, for training. I think I want to stick with yoga about once a week, too. This is definitely going to be my most unique training cycle yet, but I’m just going to do all I can.

Which means I’m going to go catch up on Instagram on my foam roller. Night!

6 comments on “Cautiously Optimistic

  1. Sabrina

    Hooray for running again! Diligence is paying off.
    For all the times that I was injured I never lasted the full length of doctors orders for rest.

  2. Jillie

    Yayayayayyy! You should be so proud of yourself for following your Dr’s guidelines and “letting it be” – it’s tough but obviously worth it in the end!


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