Like Brushing Your Teeth

This morning, when I was brushing my teeth, I thought of something my old trainer, Joel, had said to me when I first started working out.

Pretty soon, it will be just as much of your routine as brushing your teeth, and you won’t think about it.

Like most other things he said, I didn’t believe him at the time but now know he’s right. (Yes, just like you, too, Mom…)

I woke up today without anywhere I had to be. HALLELUJAH! I had some blog-related stuff I needed to do as well as some real-job stuff I needed to do, but all of that could be done on my own timeline.

Without even consciously realizing it, my first thought after “where is my coffee?!” was “hmm, where should I work out today?” Not “should I?” One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing our users get to that point, too!

Post-injury, I’m still trying really hard to be kind to my body, which means not running two days in a row. Plus, I was still a little sleepy (which changed as soon as I took allergy meds because late-summer allergies suck), and I didn’t want a super high-powered workout. So obviously that meant Uplift Sculpt Fusion.

I realized while brushing my teeth how subconscious that whole thought process was…

and how Joel was right!

When did working out just click like that for you where you stopped thinking about it and just did it?

4 comments on “Like Brushing Your Teeth

  1. Mary

    probably 6-7 months into running, I moved to San Diego and it wasnt a matter of if i would run, but where! it’s how i explored the city, made friends when i moved to LA, met my boyfriend, all of that. I definitely wake up each day knowing I’m going to work out in some way, just depends on what I decide on. That’s pretty awesome, I think 🙂

  2. Roxanne

    I am still struggling over my body and taking care of it. Sometimes I forgot my routine because of hectic schedule. But I hope the time will come where I won’t have to think about taking care of myself anymore and instead, I just do it like it’s the natural thing in the world 🙂

  3. Nadia

    Yeah, I definitely feel like something’s missing without a daily trip to the gym, especially for my kickboxing 🙂 has amazing kickboxing classes for women, and other great cardio and training programs as well!


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