One Day at a Time

In IRL, I am terrible at taking life one day at a time. 

I’m definitely guilty of living life in both the past and the future despite my best efforts to be as present as possible.


You know what helps me be present? This little face!

But for real…

Being injured really sucked for me.

Fitness started for me as something I did to lose weight.

Since then, it’s evolved into: my career, my hobby, part of my social life, part of my blog, my mental release. It’s really woven into every part of my life, so it was annoying when I was injured to have to lose/cut back on that part of my lifestyle.

I’m coming back now, and I’d say I’m 80-90% there, but I’m terrified of re-injuring myself, so I’m being really cautious. One of our best DailyBurn trainers, the adorable Anja Garcia is in town for a bit, and we did a staff workout with her today. Homegirl is tough, and I usually jump to any challenge she throws down, but I was smart tonight.

People hear I’m “training for two marathons” and ask how that’s going. I hate telling them that I was injured, and, 6 weeks out, I am tackling 10 miles this weekend. It was actually easier to contemplate while injured because I couldn’t do anything. It’s harder to be 6 weeks out and so drastically behind.

I’ve run four marathons before, though, and though I’m nervous, I am glad for that muscle memory. 

I can freak out, or I can take things one day at a time. I’m going to do everything possible to get myself to that start line on October 11 healthy. Beyond that, truly, I just want to finish. My goal had originally been 3:50, but right now, it’s just whatever happens, happens.

Tell me your amazing story about how you overcame injury to BQ. GO! 

3 comments on “One Day at a Time

  1. Jillie

    It’s definitely hard not to feel overwhelmed, but I think you know deep down you’ll be able to do this no matter what. I would like to think muscles have an even better memory than our brains – they remember only the positive things! Don’t let negative thoughts from upstairs impact what happens with the muscles in your legs. You got dis gurrrl!

  2. Wendy

    Being injured was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had a stress fracture in my femur about 11 weeks away from running my 2nd Boston. I wasn’t allowed to do anything but swim and upper body weights– no bike, no elliptical. I was on crutches for 3 weeks. I started running again (conservatively) about 4 weeks before Boston. I was hitting the elliptical hard. I went on to run the marathon in 3:16, only 2.5 minutes off my PR. I came home with 2 new stress fractures, in my tibia and femur. Those weren’t as serious as the femur, so most forms of cross training were ok. I took about 6 weeks off running. I have since PR’d twice in 10k and in 5k. I am running faster than I ever dreamed about. The key for me is off days from running–I cross train a ton. I have a half marathon in October and I am doing NYC also.

    You will be fine. It is better to go in undertrained than overtrained and injured.

  3. Mary

    Well, I’ve never BQed, so I can’t offer anything on that….

    BUT I did run a marathon on a week’s notice and did okay! My ankles hurt a little bit bc there was a long section of concrete boardwalk on the beach, and then lots of asphalt when I was more used to hiking on trails…. but it’s doable!!


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