Things I’m Loving Lately

I just got home from a really freaking intense therapy session. I was going to write a more serious post, but I am serious-ed out, so let me tell you some things I love lately.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

I just can’t get enough cold brew. Specifically, I really like Brooklyn Roasting Company, around the corner from me. My to-do list is no match for this strong coffee.

Nars Eyeliner

Nars Eyeliner: 99% of my fashion/beauty sense tends towards conservative/preppy/boring, but I have this really weird penchant for unusual-colored eyeliner. I usually wear a great purple eyeliner that makes my eyes look greener, but the other day I decided I needed a change and got this seafoam green one and I have no regrets. I have really sensitive eyes, and I find that Nars doesn’t bother them.

Maybelline Mascara

This mascara. Again on the sensitive eyes — this doesn’t bother them either!

Push the Limit

Push the Limit Athleta Sports Bra: Last week, I got a bra fitting for a real bra and finally admitted maybe I have kinda big boobs and should wear more supportive bras? This seems to be a costly endeavor. Jess was hosting an event at Athleta yesterday, and I used the run club discount to get 25% off this baby.

Mirrored Sunglasses

I got $5 mirrored sunglasses on the street the other day, and they are my everything right now. So much so…that I wear them at night?

I’m also the weirdo who’s loving work. We’re about to launch something awesome, and it’s been really busy but really exciting at work right now. I’m so not ready for this summer to be over, but I am excited for one final beach weekend next weekend.

What are you loving lately?

7 comments on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Katie

    I wear basically no makeup. But when I do, its usually a fun eyeliner with a barely shimmering eyeshadow over. I’m a big fan of lancome’s art liner, I’ve got blue eyes, so the navy one is especially good for me.

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Random, but your arms look awesome in your sunglasses photo! I need to get fitted for a sports bra too. Ugh, they’re just so expensive if you want a supportive one! I am trying one from Title Nine but have heard Athleta has some great options too.


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