The NYC Chardonnay 5K

Chardonnay 5K

If you have read this blog for more than one post, you know that I REALLY like my wine, and I really like running.

A race where they give out wine at the end?!?!?!?!

Sign. Me. Up.

(In terms of full disclosure: I was going to sign up with all of my Junior League buds, and the Chardonnay Run’s PR people reached out to me with a free bib!)

It was my first run back after my back injury, and quite honestly, I was a little nervous and happy it was just 3.1 miles. The race started and ended at Pier 26, and went up to about 12th Street before turning around. I got to see the BAGEL SCULPTURE, and it pretty much made my day.

The race was supposedly untimed, which was perfect for me, as it took any pressure off going for a good time. At the end, I heard someone near us say that they’d finished in about 27 minutes, so I’d assume we ran roughly 9-minute miles. 

We started at 9:30, which is pretty late in this heat, so the sun was out and blazing, and I was so thankful I was only running three miles. 

My back felt fine the entire time, and I was pleasantly surprised that my legs didn’t feel like lead. I nearly tripped trying to high-five a volunteer and cursed myself for a minute for my own clumsiness.

Chardonnay Run

We crossed the finish line and were immediately given wine glasses.


The race’s wine sponsor (hi, can I have a life wine sponsor? thank you.) was Barefoot. I’m not really crazy about Chardonnay OR Barefoot, but hey, a glass of wine after a race is nothing to complain about. There was also a cheese and crackers plate, which totally hit the spot since I hadn’t had anything to eat pre-run.

The race was a perfect excuse for a bunch of girlfriends to run together, sip wine after and then go to brunch. The race series also has upcoming events in D.C. and San Jose. The price goes up pretty steeply just before the race, so commit early if you’re going to … because who would pay $70 to run a 5K???

Afterwards, we walked down to P.J. Clarke’s and sat outside for brunch and laughed and laughed and laughed for hours.

Chardonnay Run

Life is good, y’all. 

Multiple unrelated questions for you:

Favorite post-race treat?

What awesome blogs (not fitness!) have you been reading lately?

Have you read any good books lately? 

10 comments on “The NYC Chardonnay 5K

  1. Valerie

    I don’t know if I have a favorite post-race treat (some sort of carbs and a foot rub, maybe?), but the first half marathon I ran had free Domino’s pizza at the finish and I can tell you that even free Domino’s after 13.1 tough miles still tastes like cardboard. So glad you’re well enough to run!!

  2. Jillie

    I’m a little upset that I am JUST finding out about this race now! I feel like it is so much more popular for races to have finish line beers, but never wine. This is a game changer.

  3. wendy sue

    whoa $70 for a 5k is bananas. We have a series of wine themed 5ks in my area too. The courses are rather hilly and the races are usually in the early evening, which is still really hot in the Virginia summer sun.

  4. Kristine A

    I hope they have something like these over here! Well, they have a night race where they give out beers in the end but I am not a beer drinker, unfortunately!


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