Prognosis: Good!

Tuesday, I received some awesome news at PT: I’m cleared to start running OUTSIDE this weekend.

Considering it’s been more than three weeks since I’ve done so, I am PSYCHED.

But I am currently cleared for a whopping total of 3 miles. I am scheduled to run 26.2 on both October 11 AND November 1, and my Chicago Marathon was supposed to be a PR attempt in my goal to chip a little time off every year and BQ by the time I’m 35.

Am I nervous about getting to those finish lines? Of course, but I have a great coach and am working with some fab PTs, so I know I’ll be OK. My training will likely include a mix of Alter-G, outside running and swimming at NYHRC, as well as some light strength training + yoga. I’m going to tread very lightly on returning to my must-try-every-class lifestyle. This will no longer be a PR attempt marathon, which certainly takes some of the pressure off, but is certainly different than how I’ve run my past three marathons.

So now I’m the crazy person who’s just going to run two marathons this fall “for fun.”

Tell me about your post-injury comeback.

14 comments on “Prognosis: Good!

  1. Nicole (Cuckoolemon)

    3 weeks off sounds good to me!! i had to be off for 10 months! i got to Finish Line too, and they’ve been great.

    I just started running again (in small doses) and now I’m up to 14 minutes at a time. i still need to be super careful though. i took a 305 fitness class and the jumping was just too much. my sprain flared up and I was out of commission (running wise) all week!

    am excited you get to start again! stay healthy!!!

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    Yay to being cleared! Your fall is like mine last year I did both Chicago and NYCM and while I thought I could possibly PR I wasn’t set on it. Chicago is amazing though I think you’ll enjoy getting to enjoy the run! (and oh so much easier logistics!)

  3. Mary

    Yay! happy you can get running again! It’s funny, when I’m injured, all I want to do is run. and then when I can run and all is good I’m like ehhhhh…… I’ll go tomorrow…. haha

  4. Nikki @ will run for pizza

    YAAAAAAY for running outside!!! Its not like it’s wintertime and you don’t WANT to run outside…lol
    Welcome to the “just running 2 marathons for fun” club!! haha. I THINK i’m going to do 3 this fall…each about a month apart…I’m NOT trying to BQ though! I really haven’t had any DESIRE to BQ, but the more I work on speed, and have SEEN my speed improve, the more i’m wanting to maybe TRY to BQ…SOMEday…lol

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