Feeling Lucky

Two years ago today, I started my dream job.

For anyone new to my blog, I work for a company called DailyBurn. We’re a subscription-based service that provides video workouts, and I run our social media. Which, on the most basic of levels, means I get paid to post on social media about how awesome working out and our product are. We also have an editorial site, which is pretty freaking amazing, and here’s a great article from yesterday that describes what we do. I 150% believe in what we do, and I love the people I work with to death, which makes going to work very easy, even on stressful days.

But hi, we do stuff like this at work.

Today, those awesome coworkers gave me a super-sweet card and some bubbly to commemorate my anniversary. That they remembered was enough, but a card + bubbles? <3

This morning, I checked my TimeHop and saw so many great pictures from this day over the past few years: starting my job two years ago, France last year, Army Ten-Miler three years ago and a housewarming party nine years ago!

So a little bit has changed?

Just my little Timehop of today shows how weirdly awesome a month October usually is for me, but even more so since I started running marathons. It’s when I run a marathon or am tapering for NYCM, like I am now or whatever.

The past week or so since Chicago, everyone I know has asked how I feel about NYCM. Other runners have said how they’re so excited to have their long runs behind them and get their weekends back.

Me? My long runs (and short runs and in-between runs) give so much more to me than they ever take from me and my weekend. Even after a crappy long run, I can still find reason to be happy. I think clearer. I sleep better. I’m happy to be a part of the runner community.

A race is awesome, but is it still something hanging over my head? Yes. Will I be slightly happy to have it behind me? A tiny bit. (Mostly because I crave diversifying my workouts in ways I don’t usually while training for a race.) But there is no match for the endorphins I get from training for and running marathons.

From all of the hoopla next week (check out this awesome guide to free NYCM events) to celebrating our fundraising at our NYJL brunch to running the streets of my city cheered on by everyone I know, lots of you…and just a bunch of people who can read the letters on the front of my shirt, I can’t wait.

Maybe it’s age, perspective, or just being a big ole’ cheeseball, but I want to hold on to every moment of this next week and a half. From this pre-race excitement/nervousness to 4+ hours of glory to the post-race glow, I love all of it. I am so thankful not only that this is something I can do, but that this something I’m about to do just weeks after running Chicago. I NEVER thought I’d be able to run a marathon a few years ago, much less back-to-back ones. I’m shocked and pleased how well my body responds to these things.

Are you running NYCM? What’s making you feel like a lucky person lately?

6 comments on “Feeling Lucky

  1. cely

    Yes! I’m running NYCM for the first time! And it’s gonna be my first time in New York. I’m so scared of getting lost in the city but I’m very exited for the race and to visit the American Museum of Natural History!

  2. Meghan

    I am feeling lucky that I just added another new client. When I quit my safe, full time job I knew consulting would have its ups and downs, and it has, but there have been more ups lately! I really love this post; I have been trying to be in the present and grateful more often, and this ties right in.

  3. Nikki @ will run for pizza

    I 100% know how you feel about marathons and training! I just did 2 marathons within 5 weeks, and while I’m relieved to have them behind me, I’m also sad because I won’t be training with my running group on Saturday mornings! Or doing a speed workout with the group on Wednesdays.
    But then I’m excited to sign back up with classpass and, like you said, do some other workouts that I haven’t been able to do since June because of marathon training…such a dilemma. Lol.
    I’m excited for you for NYCM! I ran my 2nd marathon 4 minutes faster than the one I did 5 weeks before, so I KNOW you will do awesome at this one!!! 🙂


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