And We’ll All Float On…

Sensory Deprivation Tank

This morning, I ran 15 miles…and then came out to NJ to go take a nap in a giant pod of salt water.

Several weeks ago, I’d seen “sensory deprivation tank” on my buddy Liz’s Instagram and gotten super curious. WHAT IS THIS NEW TREND?!  I pitched it as a story idea at work, and Amanda wrote a HILARIOUS piece on it.

But I still wanted to try it myself. So Liz and I made a date to go to Cloud Aquatic. (NJ people, it’s in Waldwick.) Beyond awesomeness, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

The owner walked us back and told us the deal: you shower, then you just go FLOAT for 80 minutes. You have the option of closing that top or not, and I initially thought no way in hell would I close it all the way. There’s also two “oh shit” buttons inside: a call button and a light button. I showered, got in, and immediately hopped out because the salt water stung some butt chafing. (<

I got back in and was really ready this time. I laid down and attempted to get comfortable: hands out cactus-style? Behind my head? On my chest? I closed the lid about 95%…and then it fell all the way shut and the light went out. And I panicked immediately and turned the light back on.

I got my bearings, and got familiar with where the light button was, and turned them back off. It took me a little while to get relaxed and shut off my monkey mind, but I just kept trying to meditate and let my thoughts wander. I saw a few little LED lights outside of the pod and focused on them for a it, until I felt myself melting into the water.

I kept waiting for that zen, and finally, it was just like a switch. My mind and body loosened and I succumbed to the moment. Any time my heart rate started raising or I found myself thinking about other things, I just remembered to listen to my breathing and got back to that place.

Before I knew it, my 80 minutes were up. Soft music played to indicate 5 minutes, and then the lights turned on in the pod. I got out and felt the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. Think post-yoga times 1,000. I drove home feeling like I was flying!

10/10, would float again.

Would you/have you ever done something like this?

16 comments on “And We’ll All Float On…

  1. Katie

    WELL NOW I WANT TO! Seriously, that requires all caps. I’m having a funky mood, and yoga didn’t help, so maybe this is what I need. I’m sure Minneapolis will get one…in 3 years.

  2. Britney

    Not only have I done it, I was actually so curious that I helped crowd fund the one in Boston…I bought a pack and I need to go back. Ours has a slightly different set up but it is so different than anything else I’ve done.

  3. Annette @ Sweating Through Life

    This is the second positive review I have read about this new trend. The concept really makes sense to me. I would definitely panic at first, especially since I’m a bit claustrophobic. Actually, I’m not sure I would try it, but it really does make sense to me. Glad you had a great experience.

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  5. Shawna

    ahhhh my boyfriend has been saying he really wants us to check out the sensory deprivation place in Saratoga that he’s heard good things about. i’ve never done it and i’m glad to hear you had a good experience. i think i’d love it and relish the “me” quiet time….after i got over the scary “omg i’m shut in here” business.


    Omg – I have nevvvver heard of this before! So glad you posted a pic because I had no idea what you were talking about! I think I might actually try this – I’ll have to look more into this. So glad you shared!


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