The Post-Marathon(s) Life

I ran two marathons this fall. Did I mention that?

Definitely feeling a mild case of the post-marathon blues and already casually contemplating my next marathon. I’m still proud that I came back from injury so quickly to run two marathons, but I’m itching for a new PR. If I could run these two marathons on minimal training this year, I’m excited to see what I could do next year after some hard training.

But just in this past week alone, there have been a whole bunch of ups and downs. Hallie does Peaks + Pits on her blog sometimes, and that’s apropos for now, I believe.

Dave Nee Foundation


  • A friend is on the board of the Dave Nee Foundation, a nonprofit that raises awareness about depression and suicide prevention efforts. I was proud to support her at the foundation’s gala Friday night.
  • I <3 me some group fitness, and I’m happy to be back at Uplift again, taking classes.
  • I’m also taking the Functional Strength Series at Finish Line. If I were to trust ANYONE with strength training for runners, it would be my fabulous PTs. I’ll do a longer post soon, but the Cliff’s Notes version: SO MUCH GLUTE WORK, some awesome mobility drills and some great strength circuits.
  • Other then that cocktail party and going to Lacey’s for dinner + Cards Against Humanity on Saturday night, I had a pretty quiet weekend, the kind of recharging one I hadn’t had in quite some time.
  • It included a little retail therapy, and I got this dress on sale at Ann Taylor, which will be perfect for quite a few occasions. (Yes, Heather, I should have just listened to you in the first place.)


  • One of my uncles passed away week, and I’m going home for the wake/funeral tomorrow.
  • Both a close friend and my mom are struggling with some medical issues, and my heart is heavy with worry for both of them.

The light is light, but there’s some heavy stuff, too. Taking things one day, coffee, workout at a time. OK, or two today. Running is not therapy, but it sure as hell is therapeutic.

What about you? Pits and peaks for the week/weekend? 

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  1. Melissa

    Theo, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for the “pits” you are struggling with. I know that life throws us those low points so that we appreciate the good stuff even more.


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