A Surprise Cookie Swap

OK, fine. Let’s call it what it is.

I guess for the month of December, this basically is a Christmas blog. I’m OK with that.

I’m also super OK with what awesome friends I have.

The other day, my friend Meg asked me to keep Sunday afternoon free to come over to her apartment. There was zero other explanation of why, so I suspected something might have been up. Friday night, I overheard her saying she was baking cookies all day Saturday. Could she…be throwing a surprise cookie swap? I thought maybe but that it was presumptuous to think so.

On Saturday afternoon, she texted me to ask if she should bring spiked cider or wine to a work holiday party. “Spiked cider, duh,” was my response. (Rationale: you can have wine any time.)

Meg worked at Sloan Kettering for 10 years, and has been an amazing resource for my mom to ask her questions, and on Saturday afternoon it hit me: my mom probably knew what was going on too. I asked her, and sure enough she did. I’m a nosy person who ruined some surprises by snooping in my day, so I now know better than to interfere with surprises and didn’t ask any more.

Truth be told, I was pretty anxious yesterday. What was going on? What did Meg have up her sleeve? I’d seen a glittery little poinsettia at Trader Joe’s yesterday morning, so my sparkly plant, a bottle of bubbly and I hopped on the subway to Brooklyn.

I knocked on her door, and Jordan answered. What was going on?!

Cookie Swap

OMG, they were having a surprise cookie swap, because my friends are the best.

With everything going on with my mom this year, I’d decided not to have a cookie swap since I didn’t know what my schedule would be like and when I might need to be in NJ with her.

But my friends came through yet again. And they even invited my coworkers Jordan and Alex, whom I’m really close with.


Cookie Swap Goodies

We had an amazing afternoon of giggling, drinking bubbly and eating cookies and assorted nibbles.

I am one lucky lady to have every single one of these ladies in my life.

11 comments on “A Surprise Cookie Swap

  1. Katie

    Love it! Last week I admitted to a friend of mine that I’m stressed/cranky/tired and next weekend we are having a christmas hangout, and yes I plan on bringing spiked cider. I’m glad you’ve got good people in your life that can help fill in the gaps. Merry Christmas!

  2. meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles

    SO that’s like the nicest and sweetest thing ever. Friends are the best! Cookies look great 🙂 Wishing your mom well (as well as you and the rest of your family). And yes to something you said recently – so glad you are in NY for the best doctors in world.

  3. Elisabeth

    That is so sweet – I actually was tearing up when I read it…ha! Hope that your mom is doing as well as she can be & that you’re able to enjoy the holidays at least a little bit.

  4. Jenn

    Hey! I comment like once every hundred years on blogs. However, I really just wanted to say I thought this was an incredibly thoughtful gesture by your friends. I really enjoy your blog bc you keep things real. Healthy living and anxiety are not easy things to always deal with. I’m
    grateful for your candidness about these issues and love reading!


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