I have even less to say here lately because 94% of my brain is focused on either my mom’s health or on work. The other 6% is split between working out, having fun with friends, Christmas shopping and trying to maintain some sense of normalcy and positivity right now.

Hudson River

On the mom front, she had her first round of chemo on Friday, and it went really well, though she’s definitely having some side effects now. But, it’s taking a step towards beating this thing. Oh, and we were given a choice of two different treatment rooms for her. Clearly I nabbed the one for us with this gorgeous view, which hopefully was slightly relaxing to her.

IAC holiday party

The night before that, I had my work holiday party. Jordan and I decided it’d be fun to get blowouts in the morning, so we went to RPZL in the morning before work. They were half an hour late taking me, so they comped my blowout, which was really nice. I’d ordered a Rent the Runway dress that just didn’t fit right on me, so I ended up trotting out this old Madewell number that just keeps working.


(photo cred: Lara)

OH HELLO. Today I went to aerial yoga with my friends at Sacred Sounds, and then we went to Barraca afterwards for brunch, because, sangria.

Union Square Christmas

After brunch, I had some more Christmas shopping to finish and wandered over to the Union Square Christmas market. I found a few cute little things, but was actually more disappointed (jaded?) than I’ve been in years past. Oh, but not by the view when I went up to Burlington…

I have to say…retailers really reward the last-minute shoppers like me. Last night, I had an epic Amazon Prime + Wine session (hey sorry parents for the boxes coming to the house…), and today I managed to score this sweatshirt and this festive flannel for something like $13 each while Christmas shopping. One for me…one for you.


On the fitness front, OrangeTheory is currently my workout of choice, but still mixing it up with random other workouts and a little bit of running. I’m trying my best to be as consistent as possible with a busy holiday season and being with my mom without beating myself up for missing a few days. That said, a good workout will never solve anything or replace therapy, but if it distracts you for a bit and serves up some endorphins, that’s pretty damn good for me.

And you? What’s going on in your life lately?

Stay tuned for a giveaway this week…

9 comments on “Lately

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  2. Melissa (Melly NYC)

    As always, I love how positive/rational you come across in these posts, even when faced with tough times. Thinking of you and your mom as you go through all of this.

    Just like a lot of people, life lately for me has meant holiday parties, stressing about holiday shopping (…I still have so much to do), and squeezing in workouts when I can! It’s on my list to head back to Orange Theory sometime soon, it really is such a great workout!

  3. Glen Snider

    Couldn’t have said it better. We’ve had a couple of pretty rough years, having lost one son in 2013, then another in 2014. 2015 has been calm by comparison. A good workout is a great distraction and the endorphins help cope with everything else.

    Spend time with your mom and know what I’m praying for both of you. Really.

  4. Brooke

    Hoping 2016 brings your whole family lots of good news!

    On a separate note. I was wondering if you could give a full Orangetheory review? I am a big Barry’s fan but have been wanting to try OTF for awhile now. I wanted to know your thoughts!

  5. Becki

    Sometimes it’s tough to maintain that normalcy. I know that my family is struggling right now as well. It’s nothing as serious as some people are going through and I try to hold onto the fact that we’re not alone in our struggles. Some families have lost their homes, and some people (like your mother) are fighting for their lives. We just got our car repossessed. There are so many worse things in the world than that. It’s important to keep it in perspective. I’d rather not be positive by looking at other people’s struggles, but it does help to realize that things do eventually get better!

    Take care of yourself!


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