Christmas Giveaway: Win Your Own Fitbit!

Hi! I finished up my work week (at the office, that is — social media never sleeps and so I am never truly off unless I’m away) today, and I’m happy to be headed home to be with my family, and most importantly, to snuggle with my mom.

In my holiday shopping/cleaning the other day, I stumbled upon an extra Fitbit that I must have received at some press event in the past year or so. (Yet another reason to move when my lease is up: for a good excuse to truly purge my apartment the way you really only do when you  move.)

I think a Fitbit can be a great tool, and is the perfect motivator for some people, but it’s just not for me — at least not right now. (Here’s why, and here’s my original review.)

Fitbit Flex

But for that comes your chance to win one!

Consider it a late Christmas gift, early New Year’s resolution or…whatever you want.

All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me how you currently track your workouts…or what you’d like to see more of on this blog. I’ll leave this giveaway open until noon EST, December 26.

One of my Christmas break goals (ok, my only goal!) is to sit down with this post from Lee and figure out what I can realistically do as a part-time/hobby blogger. Lee’s done some awesome things with her blog that I just can’t do right now as someone who works full-time at a job she’s in love with, but I definitely want to take some time to sit back and think as strategically about my blog as I do about work.


151 comments on “Christmas Giveaway: Win Your Own Fitbit!

  1. Courtney

    The only tool I use is run keeper on my phone. Probably not the best because it only works when I run or walk! Ha! Kerry Christmas!!!

  2. Mary

    I use a Garmin Forerunner 110, but it is having some problems. Also keep a written log for motivation. Fitbit seems like a good motivational tool to incorporate steps / exercise all day. Have a wonderful Xmas, and best wishes for your mom.

  3. Morgan

    I use a Garmin to track my runs, a Polar HRM to track spin and strength workouts, and an old ghetto clip-on pedometer for tracking general activity. It would be so nice to have a wearable device that would allow me to consolidate!

  4. Linda Chan

    I track my general activity with my Apple Watch, but I can’t swim with the Apple Watch, so on days I swim, it looks like I’didn’t work out. I also track my workouts at the gym using the gym’s app. And, of course, I track my runs with my Garmin.

  5. Elizabeth

    I use runkeeper but I hate it since I don’t always want to bring my phone with me. I wish I tracked better on paper but I always forget after a few weeks. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with your mom.

  6. Carrie

    I use a garmin when I run but I also just track my workouts on an old fashioned wall calendar – I love seeing the progress I make all in one place!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Rebecca

    My Forerunner 220 was a wedding gift this past August ! That’s how I currently track my mileage – but I’d love to see what else I could learn about my daily movement. A FitBit would definitely be a great way to do just that!

  8. Kristi A.

    I track my workouts in my paper planner and sometimes in myfitnesspal. The Fitbit would be awesome for tracking workouts and sleep (I have sleep issues)!

  9. tara

    I use a gps watch but don’t really track my workouts overall. I probably should – but exercise is important to me and is part of my daily routine. And I love your blog – I would love to see more “day in the life” and how to balance going out with working out/ healthy living.

  10. Sara

    This is so nice of you! I currently use a Crossfit specific app to track those workouts, & occasionally look at the steps on the iPhone Health app, but I know it’s not super accurate. Would love to try a Fitbit!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. Lara

    I weave all the studio classes I take into an excel spreadsheet. My company reimburses me a small amount in my check if I do a minimum of 8 classes or gym visits in a given month, so that’s my incentive.

    I’ve been occasionally using one of those mini Fitbits. I think I might actually use something like this versus the clip-on one that always gets lost in my purse!

  12. Diana

    I use to have a heart rate monitor but it’s no longer working. I mainly just track the workouts I do but not distance or calories these days. This might be a nice motivator in 2016!

  13. Gila

    I usually track my runs on map my run but I’m looking for something that will track more of my activity! For some reason the Health app on my phone hasnt been working since the last update but in the past I used that to track steps. Wish it would work!

  14. Emily

    Ah! I would love to track my workouts digitally again. I currently have a sheet of paper that I made into tear-offs that I put in a little jar. I give $ amounts to each work out–$1 per dog walk, $10 per bike workout on my spin bike, $15 for the third bike workout of the week, etc. I’ve been using the total dollar amount at the end of the month to be a bonus “savings” for the month. I’m more motivated make sure I’m making healthy financial decisions as well as overall health decisions, in part because I’ve earned that money twice!

    I would like to see more workouts (what you are doing at the moment). I enjoyed following you when you train, even when I’m not. It gives me ideas for when I’m ready and can think back to what I’ve learned from you as you go along. Also, as a thirty-something single wine lover, I would love to know how you are making healthy food choices while having so much fun!

  15. Maureen

    I have a pedometer.
    I also have had a blood clot in my leg so I do get my exercise done in many different ways but I do walk a lot as I tend to older parents and their needs.

  16. Kara

    I use my Garmin when I run! Would love a Fitbit to motivate me to walk instead of taking public transportation. Have a great holiday with the fam!

  17. Meg Zuehl

    I don’t track my workouts. I try to get to the gym 4-5 times per week and try to make each session different than the last, but don’t do anything beyond that. I would love to win this so I could start! I think it would be super helpful to see how much of my day is sedentary. I think of myself as active, but I also know I can get stuck behind my computer for large chunks of the day, and wonder if I am hitting the 10,000 daily steps recommendation.

  18. Jackie

    I just track my workouts in MyFitnessPal but I would love a more concrete way to track steps and general everyday movement just to know where I’m at.

  19. Farah Cavanagh

    I usually track my runs on Runkeeper, but since I haven’t been able to run for 2 months (sad I know) due to an injury, I haven’t been officially tracking any workouts but going to the gym everyday and varying what I do. Typically it’s Spinning 2-3x/wk, elliptical 2x/week, Stairmill and/or rowing machine + stretching and weights. Some weeks I also mix in some Crossfit Inspired workouts 🙂
    What I’d like to see more of:
    – A Typical day post once in a while (during the week) – of work life, workouts & meals
    – Fashion/ Accessory recommendations for work/events/a night out
    – Workout clothing reviews & suggestions
    Thanks! And have a lovely Christmas with your family – hugs and best wishes to your mom!

  20. Shannon

    I don’t currently track workouts. I work at a desk all day, so I think a fitbit could be a good reminder to get up and take walking breaks during the day.

  21. Amber Williford

    ALL I want for Christmas is a FitBit! I have been eyeing these for SO long and hopping Santa puts one in my stocking this year. I have currently been logging my workouts on an iphone app but it doesn’t tell me my heart rate or track calories burned. I would love to be able to track my stats as I workout as well as track how many steps I take walking around NYC on a daily! Have a good holiday with your momma!

  22. Maryssa Henderson

    Right now I don’t use anything to track my workouts which is unfortunate. I try and write them down but find myself just winging things.. A Fitbit would really help!

  23. Stephanie S.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! I currently don’t do anything to track my activity… Would love to try the Fitbit to help me stay motivated in the new year 🙂

  24. Jen Apfel

    I track my runs with a garmin 405 and daily steps with a viviosmart. I would gift this fitbit to my mom. Merry Christmas!

  25. Tracy Schwartz

    1st Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday spend lots of quality time with mom and dad! And Bailey!!

    I currently use RunKeeper and an old Garmin. I would love to use a fitbit! That teal color looks amazeballs.

    Finally wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  26. Lara

    Currently I track workouts online. If I won this, I would give it to my 12 year old step daughter as she’s gotten more into exercise lately, which we obviously encourage. She loves tracking her steps!

  27. Blair

    I don’t currently track my workouts. I used to have a fitbit and LOVED it, but sadly a certain puppy chewed it to death… Would love to get a new one for 2016!

  28. Ileana

    I track my workouts (and my diet) in a Google spreadsheet, haha. It works for me because I can access it anywhere. I really like the tone your blog has taken recently- so I guess all I’d request is more posts!

  29. Jackie

    I used the Jawbone Up for awhile untIl it broke…so I’ve actually resorted to pen and paper to track workouts! Also want to add how much I enjoy your blog because you are real-your posts aren’t daily, perfect images of how we all wish our lives to be! I enjoy when you speak honestly about what you’re dealing with, how you’re coping and how you’re making strides to take care of yourself.

  30. Alex

    I don’t currently track my workouts (it’s mostly yoga) but living in NYC I’d love to see how many steps I take each day!

  31. Jordan D.

    I don’t really track my workouts. I just follow my gym’s schedule and make sure to get there 5-6 days a week, or supplement with one at-home full-body workout with calisthenics. I’d love to have a fit bit to know how much I’m actually moving each day!

  32. Melanie

    I don’t have a tracker. Looking to make 2016 the year of ME!!!! Would love to try the Fit Bit!!! Keep on keeping on! Your blog is awesome. Don’t change anything! Merry Christmas!!!!

  33. Barbchicago

    I would love one for my walking around Chicago specially my neighborhood. I tend not to bring my phone that has my steps and information because it’s the most stolen item in the neighborhood. A Fitbit would measure all the stops that I’m taking

  34. Sarah

    Just use the old school paper note pad. Or weight watchers app. But nothing fancy that really tracks activity expenditures.

  35. Meredith Bondy

    I have the ‘health tracker’ on my iphone but other than that, I track how many days I’ve worked out from my gym sign up history so it would be great to have something with more data to keep me motivated.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  36. Stefanie

    I record all my workouts in a basic Word document. It now contains every workout I’ve done for the last 8 years! It’s fun to go back and see what I did to workout at various points in my life.

  37. Adrienna

    I track well with a spreadsheet and via GarminConnect. I’m signed up with Strava, but haven’t done anything more than link Garmib to it.

    Thinking about using old-fashioned pen & paper next year though (in addition to GarminConnect).

  38. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Oh man, such a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting a fitbit to better track my steps. I usually track my workouts via a note in my phone and the Nike+ app for my runs…but recently I started a new office job and to be expected, I spend my days sitting at a desk. Since I don’t carry my phone all around with me at work, I know I’m not accurately tracking my steps via the app on my phone and I’d like to make sure I’m getting up and moving more throughout the day!

  39. Lauryn D'Angelo

    Merry Christmas, TB!! This is awesome, I currently track by writing notes down in my phone but let’s be real, I forget half the time!! 🙂

  40. Jennifer P.

    Oh my gosh, this would be amazing!! I’ve really been wanting one of these, but it’s not been in the budget. I’ve been using Nike Run to track my walks (not up to running yet) but I would LOVE a fitness tracker. I’m on a journey to lose 100lbs and get back to myself!

  41. Megan B

    I track with a GPS watch and a planner. I would love to use a Fitbit to keep track of activities that aren’t designated workouts!

  42. Wendy

    offf. I don’t track my workouts and I should. I usually use a garmin to check my pace on long runs but don’t save stats or anything.

    I have a pretty sedentary job too 🙁

  43. Becca R

    Right now I only track my runs using a basic Garmin watch. I have been looking at getting a fitness tracker for the past year to help me get up and move during the day. I am starting a new job in January and will be at a desk more often. I want to make sure I take some walking/standing breaks and try to get in enough steps each day. Hopefully a fitness tracker would help! Merry Christmas!

  44. zoe kimberly

    I use wodify for my crossfit workouts but nothing to track calories. would be awesome to combine the two.
    oh, and id love to see your review / thoughts on Barrys Bootcamp if you haven’t tried it already!!

  45. Sarah hinderhofer

    i love it when you post about new classes or specialty workshops. It motivates me to try new workouts or to go try those classes myself. Most of all, I love your blogs regarding your ups & downs. Your honesty and openness with your mom’s health, work, and life in general is beautiful!

  46. Kate Walsh

    I track my workouts along with my food on Lose It. I like it for calorie counting but it’s not super accurate for tracking exercise. I know I’m not burning as many calories as they account for. So I have been thinking that I need another way of keeping BETTER track.

    Merry Christmas and I hope your mother is able to fight this cancer with tons of strength.

  47. Erica

    Merry Christmas! Right now I use the nike + run app and good ol’ excel when I am marathon training. A fit bit would be great for accurately tracking steps!

  48. Molly

    My workout tracking is currently a hot mess! I track it on about five different locations (iphone apps, myfitness pal, google spreadsheets…) and I am constantly underwhelming myself.

  49. Linda N.

    I don’t currently have any type of fitness tracker to easily help me track my workouts. If I am walking in a park, then I can keep track of how much I ran/walked since I know how far the path is in miles and how many times I went around the park. If I exercise somewhere else then I am out of luck unless it is on a treadmill which keeps track for me.

  50. Meghan

    I currently use Map My Run and my Garmin, but I would love to try a Fitbit – I am particularly interested in tracking sleep cycles, too!

  51. Erin Welsh

    Hi! I currently track my runs with a Garmin, but it would be fun to track my everyday movement with a Fitbit. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  52. Rachel Ann

    I used to use a Fitbit but it broke so now I track everything in my head. Not so reliable. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope your mom feels well enough to celebrate. xo

  53. Amy

    I was going to buy myself a Fitbit, thought it would benefit my younger brother more for Christmas so I’ve brought it for him. . I draw a table and log my workouts I do at home. I drift in and out of using MyFitnessPal. I’m past 40 so really would like to track my heart rate regularly whilst doing workouts so I’m in the fat burning zone. Standing and teaching all day doesn’t give me a very good workout!
    On this blog I would love to see something on how teachers can manage or deal with perfectionism…this sometimes gets in my way of working out, hence a tracker can alert me to doing workouts. One day rolls into the next when you want to be an excellent teacher and maintain high standards…before you know it the week has gone and no workout!! A really great idea. Have a good Christmas 🙂

  54. Kathleen

    Merry Christmas! I currently track the time I spend working out with a timetracking app (Atracker) but would love a fitbit to get a better sense of how active I really am around the clock!

  55. Brooke

    Right now I do weight watchers so I should track my workouts on the app, but I’m terrible at doing it! Winning a Fitbit would make that a lot easier!

  56. Traci

    My company gave us fit its for holiday gifts last year. I used to track my steps until my pup decided to wear the Fitbit in her stomach. I loved it when I had – I moved less than I thought!

  57. Emmy

    I am old school and I write everything down in a journal…this would come in sooo handy <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this incredibly kind and generous giveaway <3!!!! thank you so much you really know the spirit of giving :)! Thank you so so sooooo very much and have the very best holiday season :)!!!!

  58. Brittney

    I only use run keeper on my phone.

    I love posts about your training including nutrition as I gear up to run my up third marathon this spring, although my first in 5 years!

  59. Emily

    I don’t currently track workouts – but I’m trying to get to the gym 3/4 times per week for the endorphins. If I won the Fitbit I’d give it to a good friend that’s trying to lose 100 pounds – she’s using weight watchers, training for a 5K (Map my run) with a group of other plus sized women and she’d love to track her steps to get her moving more at her office job.

  60. Anne

    I use runtastic for runs, but I’ve been doing a lot more strength/yoga workouts through ClassPass lately, and I haven’t found a way to successfully track those yet….

    As a fellow NYC exercise enthusiast, I’d love to see workout reviews and recommendations!

  61. Danielle

    I used to track them with the notes on my phone, but haven’t been doing that lately. This would be a great tool to track my progress as I recover from a recent surgery!

  62. Jessica S

    I keep track of my workouts in a journal and on myfitnesspal. I wish it was more accurate though. This would be a great present, especially since we had none under the tree this year. Fingers crossed!

  63. Meg C

    I currently track my workouts on map my run on my phone but usually only track my runs. The FitBit seems like a great tool.

    Have a great holiday with your family!

  64. Kathy

    I am a busy working mom of three and use RunKeeper but not enough. Would love to try a Fitbit for the new year. Merry Christmas!

  65. Krissie

    I really don’t track my workouts because it’s too much trouble. So that’s why I could use the Fitbit! Much easier to do.

  66. Emily Parliman

    Ooo! I spot check my running workouts using the Nike app and have been thinking a about getting a Fitbit to be more consistent.

    As for what I’d like to see more of on the blog–more race reviews and class reviews.

    Merry Christmas!

  67. Kate J

    I use the Runkeeper app on my phone whic is great for running but I’d like to be able to better track my overall steps.

  68. Nikki

    I don’t keep track. That’s why I’m at my highest weight yet-284lbs. I’ve got to change and this will keep me motivated by trying to meet a step goal daily.

    Thanks for the blog & GOOD LUCK everyone!

  69. Katie

    I start the year pretty good on daily mile, but always eventually stop doing it. I use the couch to 10k app right now, so it tells me the last time I did one of the workouts. I would LOVE fitbit. I’ve been debating one for a couple years, but haven’t bit the bullet. I got a huge best buy gift card from my dad, so I could get a fitbit, or an apple watch, but can’t decide which I’d use more.

  70. Scott

    A lot of great ideas in this post and nice to see that everyone has their own way of tracking what they do. Fitbit is a great tool for many levels of fitness. Sorry to have missed this giveaway but the post and comments are great. Keep up the great work.

  71. Amy Joy

    I use my phone – have never used anything else to track and would LOVE a fitbit!!! I’ve been dealing with pretty severe medical issues that have caused weight gain and I’m finally starting to get the weight off – yay! A fitbit would be a great tool to help me out! Thanks!

  72. Sumit Chand

    Many people ask the same question again and again..How I can lose weight..?what should i do..?I too busy with my work but i want to lose weight..?.Let me tell you guys one thing..if you are really serious about losing weight and wanna see some positive changes,then you need to take some actions okey.!Nothing would happen if you would be keep sitting on that chair and thinking some miracle would happen..if you wanna see changes in your personality then you need to take some actions about your diet and workout plan.You need to take smart need to think fast and act fast..There are few people which i know has lose weight and change there personality completely.When I asked them like what did they do..they told me that that were following some WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM..I would suggest you guys too you know to give it a shot..May be you would be the next who would change his/her personality in this New year(I hope you Would!!)

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  74. Ken

    Great blog! Fitbit can be a great tool or motivator for me in completing my New Year resolution. By using it I can easily achieve my fitness goal.


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