An Awesome New Sports Bra Find

Thank you Victoria’s Secret for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Victoria’s Secret, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I think I’ve been wearing Victoria’s Secret bras since I started wearing a “real” bra, oh, 20 years ago? (Wait, WHAT? 20 years ago?!) Aside from those seven years in D.C., I’ve always been active.

Yet until recently, I never thought of Victoria’s Secret for sports bras, and you might not have either. But…it makes sense, right? They know a thing or two about boobs.

As someone who, a few months ago, finally got measured and acknowledges she was wearing the wrong size for quite some time, I’ve been on the lookout for a good sports bra that’s both supportive and cute.

VSX Leggings

…and I’m obsessed. This bra fits the bill on both supportive and cute. In my opinion, for us busty ladies, a sports bra that follows traditional bra sizing is the best fit. This hot little number sizes from 32-36 and cup sizes A-D — which also means they can use the same fit technology they use on their other bras. It has light padding for modesty purposes, separate cups and underwire for extra support. I’m not 25 any more (even if I act like it sometimes), so any help I can get in the perkiness department is much appreciated AND the strappy back is the kind you want to show under your tanks.

Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

I put on this outfit at work (tights, tank) for these pictures and all of my female coworkers immediately asked a million questions about where it was from, how I liked it, how much everything cost.

Victoria's Secret Sport

The outfit is both flattering and comfy. I’m in love with the high rise of the tights and the long, loose top. It’s not something I usually go for, but it’s a look that I love in this outfit.

Victoria's Secret Bra

Also not a look I usually go for, but hey

There is an EPIC deal coming from Victoria’s Secret that you seriously won’t want to miss, but until then, you can always get free shipping on orders above $100 with code FREESHIP100.

Ladies, where’s your favorite place to buy sports bras?


9 comments on “An Awesome New Sports Bra Find

  1. Jenn

    I have to ask since you’re always the blogger who keeps it real. Did VS require that you all include a shirt-off pic in your posts? I’ve read at least 5 VS posts this week and all the bloggers uncharacteristically have their shirts off. It strikes me as totally odd and seems like many of the bloggers aren’t comfortable with it. Thanks for any insight you can provide. This is a side of blogging that I don’t really get.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      No, they didn’t. And you’re right it is 100% uncharacteristic of me (and tbh, some of the other bloggers too) but I figured since it was a sports bra post, I might as well show you all what a real body looks like in a sports bra.

      1. Jenn

        @Theodora Blanchfield: Thanks for your reply. I can definitely see why it helps to show the sports bra while being worn, I was just surprised to see that every blogger included such a photo when they haven’t in past sports bra campaigns.

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  3. Erin

    Super cute outfit!! I was wondering what leggings (other than VS) you like for working out. From the one pic, it looks like we might have a similar body shape (hips not much bigger than waist). Everything I wear seems to fall down while I work out ( not because I’m small, just built straight up and down). It’s annoying and getting expensive because I think I like something, but when I work out I’m constantly yanking up my pants– not cute!!!

  4. Melissa

    That’s a rad look! I don’t know if I could pull that off.

    I’m a super cheapie when it comes to sports bras – I like the C9 brand that they sell from Target. I also just have a really small chest so I don’t need a ton of good support!

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  6. lisa

    In my opinion, for us busty ladies, a sports bra that follows traditional bra sizing is the best fit. From the one pic, it looks like we might have a similar body shape (hips not much bigger than waist). I thin the sportswear that you show in the above is perfect for me.


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