“Whole 30”: Week 2

Paleo Whole 30 Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers — Recipe here.

Well, I finished another week of “Whole 30.” I put that quotes because if I were following Whole 30 100% by the books, I should have started over.

When I set out to do this, I knew I had a few events this month that I would prefer to have a few glasses of wine at. My big goals with this challenge were to lose a few pounds, clean up my diet and cut back on the booze. To hit reset on the healthy diet I’d veered away from.

If that means I get 95% of the results, fine.

With that said, here’s how the past week went. Last time I shared the positives and the negatives — this time I’m going to share the Pits + Peaks. (TM: Hallie)


  • I’m meal prepping right now more than — quite honestly — I have in years. My wallet, my waistline, my sanity are all happy with this. I’d forgotten what a good mental release cooking can be.
  • Frank’s Red Hot. Approved, takes everything up a notch. I’m putting it on…oh, almost everything.
  • One of my planned cheats was a cocktail party I went to the other night. I went out to dinner with friends, and I wasn’t sure before how I’d handle the whole night in terms of Whole 30. I knew I’d have wine, but what about food? Would I throw it all to the wind because I was cheating on one thing? NO! I did not dive headfirst into a plate of cheese and carbs, though the flatbread one of the girls did look good. I’m proud to say a friend and I split a kale salad, steak and potatoes. I’m also proud to say that I didn’t use the planned cheat as an excuse to go hog wild on the wine.
  • #notadoctor, but if I had to guess, I’d say my blood sugar is stabilizing, and my body is starting to become more fat-reliant than sugar-reliant for energy. This means my workouts are finally starting to feel better. So! Much! Energy!
  • I’d gotten a gift certificate to Bloomie’s for Christmas for a pair of jeans I wanted. No way in hell was I going to go get them immediately post Christmas. I’d set a goal for myself of going halfway-ish through Whole30, knowing I’d feel at least somewhat better. Well! I’d tried these jeans on just before the holidays, and I’m a size down in them! Woot!
  • Hi, I made egg muffins with prosciutto tonight. Go ahead and try to tell me your night was better.
  • This whole thing is actually going quicker than I realized!


  • There was a point last week where I just hit a SERIOUS meal planning block. Like, I came home and just stared into the refrigerator willing anything in there to look tasty. I’ll admit, I caved and ordered Hu Kitchen.
  • Though I wasn’t hungover after the cocktail party, I could tell the effects alcohol was having on me — dragging through my workout, brain moving a little slower. To think this was happening on a fairly regular basis before this…
  • In addition to the cocktail party, I also had brown rice twice. These were very conscious choices because I was STARVING and didn’t feel like some damn veggies would cut it. Brown rice was an aberration I was a-OK with and didn’t really feel guilty about. I think I will try to eat as close to this as possible when this is done, but I am fairly sure brown rice will be one of the first things to come back — though maybe not as frequently as I was having it. (I’m looking at you, Chipotle and Dig Inn.)
  • Tonight, I went to Trader Joe’s with a few things in mind — chiefly spaghetti squash, which has made all things Whole30 infinitely better. They were out (also they were out of eggs), and so I decided to go to Fairway. ALSO OUT. I consider myself a generally rational adult, but I’d be lying if I said sitting somewhere and pouting for a hot second didn’t cross my mind. This was immediately post-workout, and I was HANGRY.

All in all? I’d say things are going well!

Anyone else doing it? How are you doing? Anyone who’s done it have any words of wisdom for me for the next two weeks?

9 comments on ““Whole 30”: Week 2

  1. Ash Diamond

    Since we’ve been frequenting Trader Joes these past few weeks, we noticed that there are 1-2 days each week where they are out of almost everything. Ask your TJ’s next time which day they get their shipments in so you’ll know not to shop on the day prior. 🙂 Great job this week!

  2. Kim

    I think you’re doing a great job of balancing the Whole 30 restrictions with real life! Also, I’ve totally contemplated a breakdown when the store is out of necessities, like eggs and spaghetti squash. Keep on keepin on, lady!

  3. Dietitian Jess

    Ah trader joes is always out of something… I think it’s great you’re taking a healthy mental approach to Whole 30 and not driving yourself crazy missing out on some socials events with the all or nothing approach- power to you!

  4. Olga

    I went to three different stores last week to find spaghetti squash! The checkout clerk told me that it must be the cold weather and everyone is trying to eat healthy and make warm comforting things.

  5. gennaa

    I love your honesty! I want to do a round of whole 30 starting next week and it really scares me all the prep and living with someone who will not do it! I can’t wait to hear the recap! Would love some pointers!

  6. Susan - Nurse on the Run

    I’m not doing Whole 30, but I get irrationally upset when grocery stores are out of things. NYC can be the worst. Fairway was once out of bananas (how??) and then another time didn’t have any taco seasoning.

    I had to go to Duane Reade both time to get both. DR should not have more variety than the grocery store!!

  7. Meghan

    For a while we did Whole 30-ish meals which had a lot mor fat and protein than my regular meals and I felt great. I usually have major blood sugar drops, and while eating this way I felt so stable!
    I didn’t give up the wine though . . .

  8. Vicky

    out of eggs? what the what? I could not deal.
    I’ve not done Whole 30, but I’ve done something similar. I’ve discovered that I’m actually totally appeased when I am craving something completely not “whole” if I tell myself I can absolutely have that on [date when I’m done/reached my goal]. I had no idea that would really work for me, but it does. When I get to that date I’m actually 50/50 actually having whatever it is…. right now I’ve put off dark chocolate peanut m&ms…. 🙂

  9. Lauri

    Good job! I am on Day 19 with no purposeful cheats, although I may have accidentally violated it with coffee that we cannot confirm didn’t contain artificial flavors….It’s a toss up at this point! What WILL be hard for me is getting 1-2 feet of snow this weekend and being snowed in for days….with NO WINE! 🙁 Oh well, I’m in the home stretch now! We can do this!! Maybe you can do a post sharing your favorite “Whole 30” meals or recipes that were something new you tried and may not have tried otherwise….


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