Bombas Running Socks Review

This post is sponsored by Bombas. All opinions are my own.

I have a weird relationship with socks.

OK, fine, I’m not crazy about socks in general. I’m happiest in sandals or flip-flops, and my socks under boots are typically mismatching. (#adulting?)

But as a runner, socks are super important to me. If you’ve run any sort of long race, you know what I mean.

Try running in socks that don’t have any kind of wicking property, and you’ll be in Blister City, population one. Try wearing socks that are too thick, and the same will happen. The struggle is real for runners, especially ones that live in climates like New York that have both extreme heat/humidity and cold weather.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every brand of running sock out there. There’s a few that I like, but there’s a new player in town that came onto my radar last year.

Bombas Socks Review

Bombas Socks. Their Instagram is @bombassocks, which I read as Bomb Ass Socks the first time I saw it…and which is not inaccurate.

The socks are SOFT (which means they’re also good hang around the apartment socks when it’s too warm to wear fuzzy socks) and colorful.

Bombas Socks Review

There’s so much awesome stuff to say about these socks other than that they’re pretty and comfortable (although that’s the most important, really):

  • Similar to the Toms model, for every pair you buy, one pair is donated. Socks are the number one most-requested item in homeless shelters.
  • They spent more than two years on their R&D to make sure they were making the best possible socks, including extensive wear-testing.
  • The socks use extra-long staple cotton, which is wicking and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • The blister tab in the back is CLUTCH for, well, preventing blisters by coming up high enough to protect the back of your ankles.
  • Their Invisitoe technology keeps your toesies from being rubbed and irritated by annoying toe seams.

Bombas Socks Mile High

So, really, they are bomb ass socks.

AND — if you use the code PREPPYRUNNER at checkout, you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase — which is a pretty sweet deal on their combo packs.

What’s your favorite running sock? What do you look for in a running sock?

5 comments on “Bombas Running Socks Review

  1. Kayla

    SO obsessed with Bombas. They got me thru training + the NYC marathon with minimal blisters.. which is saying a lot since I was a dumdum that wore new sneakers during the marathon.

  2. better by michelle

    I’m obsessed with my injini running socks. I thought i was going to HATE the toe thing, but it’s actually helped my feet from cramping up on those uber long runs. Although every marathon I’ve run I’ve gotten a pretty nasty blister situation… might be time to try these! Thanks for the great post.


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