Small Changes + Cherry Blossom Hopes

In January, I felt AMAZING.

Ok, that’s partially a lie. The first week or so of Whole 30 SUCKED. I was waiting for that yay! awesome! feeling, and I was stuck with headaches as my body detoxed and got used to a super-clean diet again.

I’m trying to get back there again. I’m not liking the way my clothes are fitting and I’m definitely noticing the effects of a less-clean diet on my mental health. No joke, I feel happier the more vegetables I have. 

My diet is decent these days. My breakfast and lunch are usually perfectly healthy. It’s snacks and nights out where I fall apart. Something like Whole 30 works for me short-term FOR SURE (per Julie’s recent interesting post on abstainers vs. moderators, abstaining is easier for me short-term, but longer-term, I’d like to get closer to moderation.)

Anne recently asked me if I stuck to Whole 30 after I ended/how it’s affected my diet since. Well, I left for vacation several days after I finished and fell head-first off the wagon, and now that “puffiness” is returning.

As I caught myself in the mirror at Uplift this morning, i was tempted to pick myself apart and stare at my midsection that doesn’t look how I want it to. But I stopped myself and made myself think of a positive thought to replace that. I enjoyed watching my biceps in the mirror as I lifted. I was proud that when Kat asked if anyone wanted a heavier weight, I made eye contact and said “hell yeah I do.”

One of my favorite guilty pleasures at work is dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. A little shot of caffeine AND chocolate? YES PLEASE. When we do have them, I easily fall into the habit of having a few after lunch. And mid afternoon. And late afternoon. The past few days, I’ve been trying to make an active effort to choose fruit instead.

And I loooove me some wine, but I know if I often have after-work plans and I have goalz, I need to put my goals first, not my wine. I don’t want to give it up completely, but I’m not keeping it at home any more and limiting myself to two drinks on weeknights and four on a weekend.

Nothing huge, but my diet doesn’t need a huge overhaul, just some small changes.

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

This is the second time I’m running this race — this time as part of Anne’s Cabot Team. I just re-read my recap, and apparently I feel exactly the same right now as I did going into it last time. Haven’t run double digits since the marathon, still want to PR (8:58 pace or less.) I still feel the same way — if I have an OK day, it will be possible. Need to be super careful of how I eat on Saturday/the rest of this week, and after that, leave it up to how I feel Sunday morning.

And then BK, I go hard next week with training.

1. What are small changes you make when trying to fine-tune your diet?

2. DC people — I obviously know the city well, but am bringing a friend for her first time. What do you think are must-sees for first-timers AND what new restaurants should I know about?

10 comments on “Small Changes + Cherry Blossom Hopes

  1. Kara

    Wine after work always gets me! Sometimes it’s such a challenge to remind myself that NO, even though drinking wine seems like a great way to ease stress now, it will not help me in the long term, haha. Good luck at Cherry Blossom!

  2. Allie

    I love how you stopped yourself from picking apart your body and did a full 180! Nicely done and sometimes, no easy task.
    I would love to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler some day!! It always seems to sneak up on me – obviously I need to plan better. Good luck and have FUN!

  3. Katie

    Enjoy the race!!! After two summers of doing triathlons my body has lost a lot of the strength I had when I was swimming and taking spin classes, with my new schedule I just haven’t been able to fit them in. I might not get those hardcore workouts anymore, but I try to phrase all my workouts as positive time. As for eating, I’m trying to plan my meals and keep healthy foods available, here’s hoping I keep cleaning it up!

  4. Savannah

    I am a recent DC graduate & full time foodie… Sally’s Middle Name IS the best restaurant in DC right now. Local ingredients, menu changes everyday, and best part f all, they are committed to a fair working environment so everyone earns the same amount. Get the sunchokes!

  5. Brianna

    Good luck in they cherry blossom race (and I hope the blossoms are still out when you get here)! Finally got into The Dabney and it was great. Fantastic farm to table. Reservations are needed, so I would definitely plan in advance.

  6. Danielle

    Yay DC! Depends on what kind of food you want but I’m loving Joe’s and Fiola Mare! If you’re planning to do brunch, make reservations ASAP!!

  7. Dana

    My sister just told me about this run- we’re hoping to do it next year! Wahoo- thanks for the tips on the other post and can’t wait to read how this years run went! 🙂


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