Some of my favorite posts from other bloggers are the random looks into their lives, so here we go, via some photos from my phone and random thoughts.

Lazaro Bridesmaid Dress

Somehow Lacey’s wedding was a year ago already! FB reminded me of the fun night I had with friends AND my parents.

Soul Cycle Hamilton

Speaking of Lacey, I went to a Soul Cycle Hamilton ride with her on Friday. I’d tried really hard to avoid the Hamilton craze, but…now I get it. And want tickets. Well, maybe 2018.

Bailey Snapchat

It’s true. Good thing he’s so cute. (P.S. Follow the dumb crap I do on Snapchat at theodorable211. << Because why would I have my social handles match? #branding) 


He also really likes to take care of his grandma.

Lexi Jack Rogers

There’s nothing cuter than my baby cousin walking around in my shoes, right? 


My friend Meg came home with me for Easter and brought this delish quiche.


photo via Meg’

What, like it’s weird for single women in their 30s to dye Easter eggs?

Here’s why you don’t need to ask your followers to sign up for notifications on Instagram. I started seeing 1,000,000 of those posts this morning and wondered if I needed to do so for work, but the tl;dr is: not yet, and so long as you have awesome content, maybe never.

Y tu? How was your weekend? 

2 comments on “Lately

  1. Allie

    YES to saying NO to “turn on notifications” on Instagram. I hope what you said about content is true…time will tell. As for snapchat, I feel like I’m way to old to be on there but…if all the young ones abandon it, I’ll be your 1 millionth follower 🙂


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