Saturday Mornings with Bailey


Wow guys, happy Saturday! I’m sitting on my couch in the sun with my sweet little dog watching the second season of Kimmy and drinking a massive cup of cold brew.

To say a lot happened this week is a massive understatement. My mom (successfully!) had surgery, I had my review at work (I always worry so much about these, but it went super well), and we launched Facebook Live. Not at all stressful launching something major the week I’m running back and forth between the hospital to visit my mom. Our CEO was on TV yesterday talking about why we’re doing it. Also! If any of you are searching for (or know someone) searching for a summer social media internship, I’m hiring! (Must be for college credit and on site in our office in NYC.)

Here’s some good stuff I’ve read and seen this week:

What Happened When I Stopped Exercising for a Month: GREAT read. While I absolutely love the mental health benefits of working out, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about what would happen if I stopped working out.

On Photos and Social Media: Christine wrote a beautiful post about body image.

How I’ve Change Since Starting This Blog Six Years Ago: Awesome post from Courtney about how she’s grown and relaxed some ways since starting her blog. While I’d like to get back to *some* of my ways from when I started this blog, a lot of that lifestyle was unrealistic long-term but worked well to lose the weight.

Snapchat Accounts to Follow for Fitness Motivation: After being resistant for forever, I really enjoy Snapchat now. I’m theodorable211 if you’re on there.

10 Career Lessons: Love this post from Hallie — especially her last point about not being pigeonholed into a niche. I started this blog to talk about weight loss, but changed the name after I lost the weight. When I started working at my current job, I knew I might burn myself out if all I ever wrote and talked about was fitness, which was part of the reason behind the name change.

And here’s the stuff that’s tempting my wallet this week…

There’s a bedding sale at West Elm, and I just got some reward dollars back from my card there after buying my new furniture. Do I get this duvet?? Y/N?

I don’t need a new hamper…but PINEAPPLE. 

Since the “real” Triangl bikini did NOT work for me, I’m ordering the Target version

Jack Rogers came out with a Junior League sandal, and I couldn’t NOT get it. 10% of the sales go to the Association of Junior Leagues International, the parent organization of the NYJL.

In what officially makes me the oldest and boringest, I ordered this hardwood floor cleaning system I saw on Kath’s blog and am super excited about it

And now I’m going to go out and get some sunshine and ride that bike that’s been sitting neglected for months! Happy weekend!

What are you reading/loving/shopping these days?

7 comments on “Saturday Mornings with Bailey

  1. Tracy Schwartz

    Totally missed the 1st season of UnBreakable Kimmy so Binge watching today! Can’t wait to start 2nd season hopefully tomorrow!

    Love Hallies post!

    Loving Madame Secretary so catching up on that as well!

  2. Sasha

    So happy to hear about your mom! Could you do a swimwear round up sometime? I love the thought of buying online (I’ve been eyeing Triangl for ages but the neoprene has me convinced it will not work for my body!) and I would love to know where you shop, how sizes compare across brands, tips for bikinis with a larger chest etc. Thanks!

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Oooh I like this idea! So far my luck has not been great but I can share the journey 🙂 The neoprene…is hard. It worked on my boss but I forgot she is tiny and adorable and it doesn’t work for most people. I did just order the Target version of the Triangl one. A friend has it, and pointed out it’s juniors sizing, so I went for a L bottom and the D/DD top.


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