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Even though it still feels like winter outside (WTF, weather?), I am mentally in spring mode and excited for fresh starts and warm weather. It’ll come…RIGHT? 

A Tinder guy asked me the other night what I was looking forward to in April, and to be honest, there’s a lot of me stuff on there. (I think the answer I gave him was not traveling for a few weeks. I’ve had some fun travel the past few months, but I also like staying put in this fine city just as much.)

Yoga Shanti

So here’s some random intentions I’ve had on my mind. I originally wrote goal, but …these are a lot of goals for April, so they don’t all necessarily have April as a deadline. (Because goals are just dreams with deadlines, or something.)

Morning Workouts. I was exhausted much of March and had a hard time waking up for morning workouts. Though I should know better, I thought I’d feel better if I just slept longer. And then I got to work exhausted, drank too much coffee during the day and then didn’t sleep well at night. I think I caught up some on sleep over the past few days/week and I’ve been getting back to my morning workouts, and it just makes me a happier person to sweat in the morning. 

Running! So, real talk: the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler kinda sucked. For…ever? I’ve just wanted to be in half-marathon shape year ‘round. I slacked on that this winter. I’m running the BK half again next month, and while of course I’d love to PR, I’d really just like to have a solid race. I’m committing to running 3-4x/week for the next six weeks, and I’m so excited.

Yoga. I went to an amazing class at Yoga Shanti taught by the founders, Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee, and I left feeling a lightness and peace I haven’t felt in quite some time. Oh yeah, and it was a lovely stretch too. It was super crowded since they were both teaching, but it still delivered on zen-ness.

Strength Training. I do feel like I’ve made gain(z?) in the past few months here, and I’d like to keep ‘em up, plus I know one of my best half PRs was from when I was doing a ton of strength training.

Writing. I’m doing some thought-leader kind of writing about social media stuff for work, and I want to write more both here and for work. We have monthly story pitch meetings, and I pitch articles at every meeting, but I want to start carving out time to write more since it makes me happy even if it adds to my workload. Seeing my byline, even if it’s on the internets, never gets old.

Other Professional Development. I love my job, but I want to keep growing in my career. Since I enjoy my job, I’ve gotten a little lazy at this. I want to get back to networking more (as painful as it can be sometimes, it can also be an awesome way to learn), reading (what are your fave career/business sites/books you’ve ready lately?) and taking time to learn more. Felicia recently wrote that she wanted to spend two hours a week learning new skills, and I love that. I want to learn more about coding and design. I’m also giving a talk at work on Friday, which is moderately outside my comfort zone.

Drink more water. I used to be SO GOOD at this…until I became even more addicted to caffeine as of late. I read this ridiculous piece yesterday about a dude who drank a gallon of water a day for a month. While I have no desire to do that, upping my water intake can’t hurt. 

coffee table marble west elm

Finishing decorating my apartment. My beautiful coffee table (I found love in a marble place) arrived today, and it renewed my desire to keep working on my apartment. This also means continuing to get rid of stuff.

Journal. I found this journal in my move. While it’s technically a fitness journal, the practice of reflecting on my day has helped me find something positive in even the shittiest of days. Even if it’s just “I have an awesome therapist.” 

Unrelated to anything…I returned some Easter gifts to J. Crew today and now have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket just as they’re starting a sale. This isn’t on sale and is totally ridiculous, but hello, I love it. THIS pretty little number is less than $50! I also really need some new swimsuits for summer. I’m unsure how I feel about one-pieces (and I’m generally over chevron), but this one-piece is PRETTY.

And you? What’s going on up in your head? What are you plotting and scheming?

8 comments on “Things on My Mind

  1. Kim

    Good intentions for April, lady. I love how you’re so committed and passionate about learning and doing more professionally. Have you listened to the Happiness Advantage or Presence? Both good reads for life and work.

  2. Kayla

    I’m am OBSESSED with that coffee table. Definitely feeling you on the personal development front. April will be the month I finally learn how to use my DSLR camera

  3. Sokphal @ Life as a Classroom

    Haha! I got a little excited when you mentioned Tinder (is she going to finally talk about dating?!) I love your goals! In terms of running – what about getting a coach? That upped my game a lot. I want to get faster too, but my heart has to be committed to it. I joined Anne’s morning track club (no cheese involved unfortunately), so hoping that gets me to be a semi-morning runner again.

  4. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    I love the idea of committing just 2 hours a week to personal development. I keep putting off so many things that I “don’t have time for”, instead of taking slow, small, consistent efforts = results.

  5. katie

    I never stop networking, and thank goodness, my company did some layoffs this week (thankfully not in my department, but still). But I feel better knowing that I’m always trying to learn more in the marketing/social world so hopefully if the time came, I could find something new. As for dating, I’m supposed to meet someone on Sunday, after he is done watching the masters. Hopefully it goes well, I think this one could be a good one.

  6. Tracy Schwartz

    Love the intentions!!

    I love your professional growth intentions and I have been digging deeper into that for my professional goals as well. That new coffee table is gorgeous and sorry to hear about horrible customer service at West Elm.

    Hope you have a great April!


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