Last Week’s Workouts

I think I missed a workout recap post from last week…but I have no idea what I did two weeks ago!

So let’s take a look back at last week, shall we?

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Monday: AM: 2 mile run // PM Uplift Outdoors

I really didn’t intend to do the few two-a-days I did last week, but since I was feeling in the mood, I didn’t challenge it! I knew I had Uplift plans at night but it was too gorgeous outside NOT to run Monday morning!

Tuesday: AM Fhitting Room // PM Joe Wicks

I had a package that was expiring at Fhitting Room, so I took an am class there. At night, I went to a workout event with my coworker Tiffany to work out with the very attractive Joe Wicks, who was also on our show that morning.


Thursday: 3 mile run. Nothing remarkable, but I just knew I had to get it in.

Friday: Fhitting Room << Tiffany and I were going to take Dara’s class, but she had a sick kid and there was a sub. Honestly, I haven’t found an instructor that I *haven’t* liked there, but I haven’t found an instructor I have as huge a girl crush on as Dara, so…

Saturday: Newport 10K + 2 more miles through JC/Hoboken // Uplift Ride + Rose

Sunday: COUCH!

I know I went pretty hard last week, and I was stiff as hell when Jordan and I ran yesterday, so this week I’m taking it easy with the BK Half this Sunday. I’m going to swim tomorrow morning because I want something really low-impact AND mind-clearing, and I’ll probably run once more, and I’d like to do yoga, too, before the race, whether it’s a class or 15 minutes of our DB yoga.

Tell me about the highlights in your week of workouts / what kind of workouts you do when you have a race coming up?

2 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. katie

    ride and rose? get at me! I’m doing a 5k this weekend, we shall just see how it goes. I may end up walking depending on who I am with, its in my hometown, so I’m not quite as about the time as I am the experience.

  2. Dietitian Jess

    I’m really interested in hearing more about Uplift and your Fhitting Room workouts- what are they like?? Good luck at Brooklyn this weekend- have fun with it!


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