Surfing, Puppies + Good News: Best 24 Hours of My Life

Google tells me I’ve been alive nearly 300,000 hours (wha?!), but these past 24 have to be among the best I’ve lived, truly.

Surfing with Luna

A few years ago, I went to Hawaii to visit my college BFF, Lindsay. I had some time to myself while she and her husband worked, and I finally worked up the nerve to call a local surf school about taking lessons. “There’s no waves,” they told me.

PERFECT! I’m afraid and just want baby waves anyway, so that sounds great! No, we can’t go out if there’s no waves.


Well, yesterday, I had the opportunity to go out to Rockaway with Luna for a surfing trip. Hello life, you are wonderful. They were launching their newest protein bar, Berry Greek Yogurt, and celebrating with sunset surfing/stand up paddle boarding. Since I’ve SUP-ped a handful of times, I decided to bite the bullet and try surfing. They brought us out to the Averne area of Rockaway, and we met up with the Skudin Surf School, owned by badass pro surfer Will Skudin.

To be honest, I was really nervous, but I could tell we were in good hands immediately and felt really comfortable with our instructors. They gave us some board handling tips while we were on dry land and taught us how to get up on the board. Have you ever done surfer getups in a group fit class? It’s basically the same thing. Dude, that was hard enough on dry land! I tried not to let my knowledge that I am clumsy AF get the best of me and charged into the water.

Rockaway Surfing

Have I mentioned I’m clumsy? Because I’m clumsy. And no matter how hard I try, I can fully comprehend the instructions someone’s giving me to do something physical but something gets lost in the translation of making my body do it. Ask my dad and our failed golf lessons.

They had us drag our boards into the water, then paddle out to the break, and the instructor would help us turn around, point us into the wave, and give us a push right into the wave and tell us when to stand up. So basically they 100% hand-held for us and I still messed up. I kept stepping too far off to one side, and my weight wasn’t equally distributed. I also kept trying to stand in a Warrior II kind of stance instead of with my feet parallel.


Oh, and thankfully they also provided wetsuits for us, because the water temp was about 62. BR. (It felt fine with the wetsuit.)

Rockaway Surfing


Rockaway Surf Club

Afterwards, they took us to Rockaway Beach Surf Club, where Rockaway Taco now exists as Tacoway Beach.

Rockaway Taco

Oh hell yes.

I slept a very happy sleep, content with both an amazing dinner and a solid afternoon of trying out surfing.

Verdict. 11/10, would surf again.

Puppies at Work

That’s right. Puppies at work.

Today on our show, we had the North Shore Animal League on as guests AND my favorite trainer, Dara, was teaching.

Dara Puppy Fhitting Room

I was a participant in the class, and we had the puppies running around. THEY ARE ALL AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Well, most of them. Some of our DB people adopted some already!!!  You can catch a replay of the vid until tomorrow morning on our Facebook page. (Which you should probably like anyway if you haven’t already thankyouverymuch.)

And then…I got to work and got a promotion 🙂 This is the longest I’ve ever been at a job and only my second promotion in my career (so far), so I am basically on Cloud 9 right now.

How was your day?

11 comments on “Surfing, Puppies + Good News: Best 24 Hours of My Life

  1. Kim

    Congrats!!! Hard work pays off and you totally deserve it all of this good stuff. I’m also terrified but would love to try surfing one day. You totally rocked it. Plus tacos sound like the perfect ending to your day!

  2. Shawna

    yayyy on the work promotion! so exciting. i tried surfing once in VA Beach and totally have been meaning to take a lesson at the Rockaways as well. tacos are also on the list of my fave things ever, sooo i need to get myself out there this summer. all the fun!


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