I SO Needed That Run

Bk bridge park

I’m exhausted as all hell…

…but I had an AWESOME long run this morning! The kind that gives you confidence in the rest of your training.

I had to run 9 this morning, and I didn’t really have any sort of plan to speak of as of yesterday afternoon. Ashley and I were texting and we figured out we’d both be doing some running this morning, so therefore we should do it together.

Despite going to sleep early and not going out last night, I still had a really hard time waking up this morning for reasons I cannot explain, so I met Ashley at 8:30 instead of 8:15, like we were planning. 

98% of the time, I run up and down the West Side Highway, and so I needed a change. 

“Why don’t we meet at the Manhattan side of the BK Bridge and then run over it and see where it takes us?” I asked.

I live about 2.5 miles from the base of the bridge, so I ran down there to meet her. Sometimes it’s a huge pain in the ass to also have to take Bailey for a walk before I can run, but at least it gives me a preview of the weather. Today? Drizzly! I was happy to have that little preview so i could grab a hat. Let it be know that I HATE wearing hats, but hate my face getting wet more, so. 

I have a few go-to podcasts I listen to when I run, but this morning I listened to a new-to-me one — HerMoney. I could always use a little more financial responsibility in my life, no? (I mean, I ordered a llama lamp last night, so…)

The first few miles felt a little rough, both because I was still sleepy and I always feel rushed when I’m meeting someone to run, no matter how much time I actually have. I was very happy to get to the bridge and see Ashley.

We ran around Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park (and we reminisced about the first time we ran there six years ago and how much has changed there!) and then back towards where she lives in Carroll Gardens.

Humidity was at 95%, so everything felt like a slog, but I was really happy we managed to keep an 8:59 pace. REALLY happy. I know it was “only” nine miles, but I’m not sure I’ve ever kept that kind of pace for any sort of long run.

After a crappy spring of running and being sick a few weeks ago, I really needed a solid run like this to give me confidence for the rest of the season. Check. 

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