I’m spending my Friday night at my favorite place: on my couch. I was supposed to go ninja with my coworkers, but doing nothing sounded far more appealing tonight, and I’m not sure the last time I did this, as the past few weeks have been pretty busy.

As someone whose mental health has been a rollercoaster over the past year or so, I’m so thankful to be feeling so at peace lately.

My mom’s in remission.

I recently got promoted at work.

I got to work out the other day with one of my childhood athletic idols. More on that soon, but for now, here’s the solid braid game I had going on:

Crown Braid

(I am SO glad I am getting my hair done tomorrow.)

I’ve spent two of the last four weekends at the beach with my friends. 

I’m going to Vancouver in two weeks to run the SeaWheeze Half.

I realized what a good place I was in today when I heard about the possibility of news that would have crushed me a few months ago, but now I just see as kind of sucky. 

I’ve always said I don’t see running as therapy, though I do see it as therapeutic — and getting back into regular running again has felt amazing mentally in a way no other workout ever will for me.

I feel re-energized to start writing/creating more again.

I’m going to two fun/interesting events next week I wanted to share:

Outdoor spin with Cyc Fitness. Why not? :) 

– Uplift has started a series called “Strong Women Uplift Each Other” and next week, they’re discussing mental health. I love what Uplift stands for, and that they’re tackling tough issues like this that affect women.

But for now, I’m getting into bed with a good book. What are you reading/what podcasts are you listening to right now? And what brings you contentment? 

5 comments on “Content.

  1. Laura

    It’s great that you’re feeling at peace, and really great that your mom is in remission!

    I’m currently reading Bloodlines, by Skyla Dawn Cameron. It seems that all I read lately is urban fantasy – I love the escapism!

  2. Kayla

    Currently reading: Modern Lovers. It’s SOOOO good, the kind of book that I’m a little bit sad to be almost done with. Highly recommend.

  3. Rubi Gill

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