Casual Friday Afternoon Ninja Warrioring


I’ve probably never mentioned that I love my job, right? (P.S. Today is our first birthday!)

Today’s work activity was particularly fun. We called it a day at 3pm and headed out to Brooklyn Zoo (not the kind with animals) to meet up with the Greatist crew for a little mingling and jumping around.

I was expecting something more like that, but we kept it classy.

Have you watched American Ninja Warrior? Or at least seen that one epic clip? A lot of the stuff we did was pretty similar to that, like running up this wall. (AND THEN JUMPING INTO THE FOAM PIT.)

Brooklyn Zoo Parkour

(That’s technically my coworker Amanda, but she’s another blonde girl from NJ who spends some summer weekends out in the Hamptons, so we’re basically the same person.)

The class was lots of climbing things and jumping off them, and basically acting like we were 12 again…and it was amazing.

I’m constantly trying to define and redefine what fear means for me and where my line is. I participated in every single one of the challenges, except sliding down the pole. Weirdly enough, that’s the one that scared the crap out of me, and so I felt no need to face that fear just to say I had, when I’ve faced plenty of fears lately.

Swing around in silks, though? Why the hell not? What you can’t see in that video is that I started laughing until I was delirious getting off the silk. I’d been in kind of a crappy mood until getting there this afternoon, and I let it all out on that silk. How can you not, twirling around upside down?!

Brooklyn Zoo Parkour

Afterwards, I hightailed it back to Manhattan to pick up my bib for the NYC Tri. For someone who’s not always the calmest person, I’m feeling a weird amount of calm about Sunday’s race. I’m actually really excited!

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done recently? What are you feeling unexpectedly calm about?

7 comments on “Casual Friday Afternoon Ninja Warrioring

  1. Kayla

    I went to Brooklyn Zoo to write about it for work– what an AWESOME place. Especially loved jumping into the foam pit and the trampoline

  2. Ash Bear

    So I think we should make a list of things for the Dec/Jan trip and this may need to be one of them. How fun would it be to do this with our group?


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