A Weekend in Savannah

Four years ago, I decided I’d go to the Healthy Living Summit. I started following a Twitter list of bloggers going, and one of those bloggers just so happened to be in NYC. She tweeted something about having an extra spot for a yoga event, and I decided it was a great way to meet someone else going to this conference. The yoga event ended up getting rained out, but I met one of my best friends in the process. A year ago, she moved away.

Her husband, Bo, was turning 30 this weekend and the original plan was for a week in the south of France, but we ended up in Savannah, their hometown, instead.


The south of France would have been pretty awesome, but in truth, I was happy to go wherever they were going and catch up with them.

IMG_7321.JPG IMG_7420.JPG

I wasn’t crabby about the situation at all.


Besides, it gave me time to work on my handstands.


And my open water swim.

(Friday, we took boats out to a little island called Wassaw Island. It’s not private, but it felt like that since it’s only accessible by boat and nobody else was there on a Friday. So we spent the entire day rotating between the water, boat and beach. Life is really hard.)


Oh, and I found my people (read the sign!)

Bo’s parents had a 30th birthday for him and his mom made these adorable napkins by hand!

Oh, and there are no open container laws in Savannah. This peach sangria was very good. And yes, that is my dress Ashley is wearing, because I am a very good friend. The dress I’m wearing is from J. Crew Factory, has pineapples on it, and makes me very happy.

So do all of these people. On Saturday, we went to The Olde Pink House for Bo’s birthday, where we laughed and ate delicious Southern food until I was so full, I had no more room for wine. That’s full, y’all.

I’m kind of bad at relaxing sometimes, but yesterday, playing Cards Against Humanity by the pool, I was so relaxed I almost missed my flight.

About 8 of us were scheduled to fly out around the same time. By some miracle, my flight was the only one which left on time – and some of the others got stuck there. We scrambled so quickly to get to the airport that in our car, I was somehow the only one wearing real clothes. Ashley brought us into the airport in a coverup and bikini. As you do.


Hey, Bo! Thanks for turning 30 so we could all have a fun weekend.

How was your weekend? Tell me about your most epic almost-missing-a-flight story.

8 comments on “A Weekend in Savannah

  1. Dori

    I’m pretty crazy when it comes to time and I’m always way too early at the airport, except for one time. In 2004, I was in London with my friend and first, we somehow overslept and missed our alarm when we had to go to the airport. So we get on the tube, get to the airport and there is so little time left, I’m freaking out. My friend says, “We have to go to duty free, I told my mom I’d get her perfume.” WE WERE ALREADY SO LATE. I was freaking out, so anxious, so worried, but couldn’t do anything because she was so stubborn about going shopping. Then we leave and are headed to the terminal when a golf cart pulled up to us, said they knew we were in the airport and they had to take us to the plane because it was about to take off and they were HOLDING IT FOR US. It was the worst.

  2. Shawna

    looks like a great wknd. mine was equally fun and full of girlfriends, but in Montauk! lots of beach time and wine. i only had one near miss with a flight: changing planes to go to Hawaii two years ago, our connecting flight in LA was holding for my friend and i, and i got off the flight from NYC to my name being announced over the airport intercom — and then ran the wrong way toward the wrong gate (brrrrppp) and had to re-trace my steps and jet onto the plane, where everyoneeee was looking at me. but we were all going to Hawaii so nobody was thaattttt upset about life. 🙂

  3. Meghan

    I’m the girl waiting at the gate for 3 hours just in case. I travel quite a bit and still can’t shake that nervousness that somehow they will leave without me!

  4. Lauryn

    Surprise!! 😉 I owe you more than a comment after following you for all these years, but I gotta start somewhere, right? I’ve never been to Savannah but I’m hearing more and more awesome things — glad you had a great time!

    Oh and worst flight experience was right when I first started dating Andrew and I was meeting him in San Francisco for our first weekend away — and obviously I got stuck in traffic going to JFK, missed my flight, got on another flight an hour later, which was delayed for three hours, and got to SF around 2AM, essentially killing the first night of the trip. Not awesome. But funny in retrospect!


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