Lululemon Hub Seventeen Pop Up Workout with Zack Schares

Lululemon Hub Seventeen East Hampton Pop Up

Happy Monday! I just got back from another fun weekend in the Hamptons. 

Although I love my BFFs that I went out there with dearly, I am SO happy to have a little me time tonight other than my mom dropping Bailey off. Outgoing introvert and all that.

Back when I started this blog (seven years ago WHAT?!), I had some friends that worked out, but it was still mostly my friends I met through fitness that liked to work out. I love that seven years later, it’s not weird at all for me to ask friends to work out with me while we’re away, so I brought my buddy Meg with me. (By the way, when you show up with the tie to your bikini top weirdly missing, a true friend pulls the shoelace out of her sneaker and gives it to you to hold your suit up.)

Lululemon East Hampton Hub Seventeen

I’ve really been trying to make an effort to be more active while I’m out in the Hamptons (you know, to balance my beach sloth life), and I love that a lot of NYC studios have offshoots or host special events out east.

Lululemon rented out a gorgeous house in East Hampton, and I was invited to a poolside workout there with Mile High Run Club coach Zack Schares. The class — part of their Hub Seventeen community — consisted of a circuit that built on itself. You’d do one circuit, then repeat and add one more, rinse, repeat, then run half a mile, do circuits again, then run a mile.

How many ways can you do a push-up or a squat, right? I’m always impressed when instructors put new spins on classic moves or combine them in interesting ways. Two of my favorite moves from this class were the three-position burpee and the squat-to-push-up. I linked to a video for the squat push-up but let’s talk about this three-position burpee. 

Position 1: Plank

Position 2: Pike

(Then back to position 1)

Position 3: Squat stance to jump.

10/10, would burpee again.

Hub Seventeen East Hampton Swan

Stop looking at me, swan!

After the workout was over, we got to chill at the house in the sun for a few hours while we waited for the rest of our friends to get to our share house. I’ve had worse Friday mornings. 

Random aside: I just went to order some Nuun on Amazon and saw this caffeinated Nuun Energy business. Have any of you tried it? I ordered it because I was very intrigued. 

5 comments on “Lululemon Hub Seventeen Pop Up Workout with Zack Schares

  1. Susan - Nurse on the Run

    I’d like a visit to that house…

    My boyfriend uses Nuun Energy when he skis – and he really likes, especially because he can carry the tabs and refill his Camelbak. I don’t use it when I run, but I like the taste and occasionally drink it for an afternoon boost when I’m not feeling coffee. (Which is rare, haha.)


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