Stronger Than Yesterday

Do you use Timehop or look at those “memories from x years ago” on Facebook? I have mixed feelings about them. I’m pretty content in life right now, but sometimes it shows me memories or a time in my life I’d rather not remember. It reminds me of things that have changed, and friends that have moved away.

And, on a more vain note, sometimes it reminds me of how I used to look, and that I don’t look that way any more.

Tonight, I went to a SUPER fun Surfset class (sponsored by Good Thins crackers, which are delish…I may have already had half a box), and this afternoon, I was looking for a picture from my past post about it to send to a friend.

I found this picture. To be frank, I don’t look like that any more. I’ve moved on from the flared yoga pants, but I’m just not as lean/thin as I was then. Blame it on a slowing metabolism in my 30s, not having the willpower to be as strict as I was then, whatever. I won’t lie: I saw this photo and was a little wistful I don’t look like that right now, and I felt a little down about that.

Dancing (surfing) to the beat of my own drum since 1983. @surfsetfitness @surfsetnyc #goodthins

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But then I went tonight, and had an amazing time. But beyond that, I could feel how much stronger I’ve gotten in these past five years since I last took this class. It wasn’t easy by any means, but I felt a stronger core (it’s hiding under there, swear!!) as I held planks and lunges on this VERY uneven surface meant to mimic actual surfing.

I remember my legs AND the board quivering last time as I struggled to hold my balance, but save for a split lunge move at the end, I kept the board mostly stable without too much effort, which is definitely due to improved core strength.

Would I rather be thinner than I am right now? Sure. But being a lot stronger is a pretty damn good consolation prize.

4 comments on “Stronger Than Yesterday

  1. Deep Web

    Stay strong. Stay happy. Congrats on every indication of a happier and healthier you. We are all on this road and it is long, winding and bumpy. We’ll manage it a lot better if we link arms and support each other! You go girl!

  2. Alyssa

    Theodora — I have those same thoughts! I see those old photos and think ‘god I used to be so thin.’
    But then I think about what my body can do right NOW and I know back then, when I was nothing more than skin & bones, it couldn’t handle the workout I put it through today.

    Yes, my body’s heavier on the scale and the pants are a few sizes higher but I now realize my body NEEDS those extra pounds and a bigger pants size to hold all my muscle! I was so proud of myself in a BodyPump class today when I easily held myself up in a plank through an entire song and years ago, thin little me would have shaken and quit within a minute.

    Strong is STILL the new skinny.


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