A Dreamy, Creamy Better-For You Ice Cream Treat with Brio

This post is sponsored by Brio. As usual, all opinions (good, bad or otherwise) are my own.

Brio Ice Cream

I’m not a huge dessert person. Never have been. As an adult, I’d also prefer wine calories over sweet calories.

(My mother, who is a huge ice cream person, just died a little inside.)

But I am also human, so I do crave ice cream sometimes and generally have at least some sort of frozen treat in my freezer for those “emergencies.” Since moderation is not really my strong suit, I prefer to keep single-serve treats on hand so I don’t go nuts with them. 

When I do have ice cream at home, I try to stick to smaller indulgences. 

Brio Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

So at just 135 calories, Brio definitely fits the bill. I’ve been pitched weird protein ice creams before and plenty of frankenfoods, but this ice cream has a relatively short ingredient list (with mostly organic ingredients) and is rich in probiotics. I never knew I wanted probiotics in my ice cream, but hey, if I can get some extra health benefits from an “indulgence,” why not? It’s also relatively low in sugar — 12g per serving, not bad for something like ice cream.

Brio Ice Cream

But most importantly, it doesn’t taste like it’s healthy. It doesn’t taste grainy, or overly sweet from gross chemicals.

It’s a perfect little dessert for when you have that sweets craving immediately after eating, or hey, I’d even have it after the gym, before dinner if I were working out at night. Or before bed. OK fine, there’s no bad time for ice cream, mom. 

10/10, would buy again? Hell yes. As of right now, it’s mainly distributed in the midwest (here’s where to find it), but you can also order online.

What about you? Team savory or sweet? 

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