Day In the Life: Straight Cheesin’

It’s been a while since I’ve done a day in the life of post, and today was a fun one, so I want to share!

6:27: Alarm goes off. I’d intended on running but couldn’t, for the life of me, remember that so poke around on the ClassPass app but find nothing that appeals to me. (I have no idea what magical unicorn workout I was looking for.)

7:15: Wake up again, mad that it’s too late to run OR make a class. Decide to snuggle with Bailey instead.

dreamdry blowout

7:32: I’m shooting a video thing for work, so I decide I “need” a blowout. I’m working on it, but my body confidence ain’t where it used to be, so let’s go with the hair. Call DreamDry, get a last-minute appointment. YAS

Somewhere in between there: walk Bailey, decide, crap, I need to find an outfit (decide on jeans, blazer and a StitchFix blouse), apply a little makeup. (I know I’ll reapply before I’m on camera anyway, so I don’t apply much.) 

7:58: Walk over to DreamDry, thanking my lucky stars they’re within blocks of me; hope they have coffee. (My thoughts at this time: they have bubbly in the afternoon, they HAVE to have coffee in the morning, RIGHT? RIGHT?) (They have coffee.) Show up with my hair sort of curled from yesterday with my wand, ask for the more polished version of this.

Vacillate between thinking: this is a colossal waste of money for something that’s going to wash out and…”hey, this will make me feel happy and confident, and costs less than a therapy session…”

8:58: Walk to work on Cloud 9, staring at myself in window mirrors, remembering how HAPPY a good blowout makes me.  

9:00 – 9:45: Eat breakfast of Larabar + banana + more espresso at work; watch our show on one monitor; start other work on laptop monitor.

10:00 – 11:15: Start ticking things off my to-do list while simultaneously trying to prep myself for segment. 

11:15 – 11:30: Start gathering things, reapply makeup. 

flatiron building

11:30: Walk down to the Flatiron Building, where the show, Cheddar Life, a lifestyle show on Facebook for millenials (I have never typed such a 2016 phrase in my life) is hosted, blasting Pink’s F*cking Perfect in my headphones, followed by Shut Up and Dance to pump me up. 

theodora preppy runner cheddar life

(I’m usually kind of bad at smiling in selfies…but this is a screenshot from me talking in an IG story, so there’s that.)

cheddar life show

11:45 – 12:18: Pace, stare at the taco fellows before me, hope they will leave me some tacos, tag mom on FB so she can watch, text her to make sure she understands what that means.

Cheddar Life Daily Burn Theodora Blanchfield

(Secret: I have a teeny tiny piece of paper just behind that Cheddar sign with a few talking points I wanted to really make sure to hit.)

12:20 – 12:28ish: Talk about Daily Burn! Try to ignore that usually about 50K people watch their show!  Honestly, I’m really proud of how it went! I got in all my talking points, didn’t get flustered when I got asked a question I couldn’t answer (as in, talking about stuff that’s still confidential. MY LIPS WERE ZIPPED) and even managed to crack a few jokes! I don’t even care if anyone else found them funny. You can watch me here if you want. I start around 28:00 in.)

12:30 – 12:45: Walk back to work, call parents, grin at a text from a friend/former coworker who told me I did awesome, pick up lunch from my fave place, Inday (fast/healthy Indian-ish.)

12:45 – 2:00: 

Also, realize there’s no way I’m going to get home to walk Bailey this afternoon, so text the dog walking service to please go rescue my sweet pup.

2:00 – 2:30: Weekly marketing team meeting

2:30 – 3:00: Scrambling to fit in some more work

3:00 – 5:15ish: Take a Final Cut Pro (video editing class)! It’s a skill I’ve always wanted, and as our production team gets busier, I have volunteered to try to cut some of my own social video from our daily show. It seems hard and overwhelming but I’m really excited to dive in. Must remember glasses on editing days because I felt my 11s in my forehead getting deeper already today.

5:15 – 7:00: Attempt to catch up on work from super busy day…and kind of enjoy the quiet of the office after most people have left. Go home, walk Bailey.

7:30: Go to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill. The wireless headphones I’m trying out for work haven’t fully charged and I’m left headphoneless on the treadmill. Truly contemplate going back home for headphones, but decide to play with lots and lots of intervals on the treadmill and set a calorie goal for myself on my watch to keep me occupied. We’re doing a push-up challenge at work, so I decide to see what my baseline is for how many push-ups I can do at once with good form. 15 today. I follow this with some planks and reverse crunches since I’m already down on the floor…

Multi llama j crew

8:15ish – now: Get home to LLAMA shirt + BeautyCounter goods I’d ordered, order a poke bowl for dinner, resolve to go grocery shopping tomorrow, write this post. Now I’m off to fold some laundry, snuggle with Bailey and take a bath before I go to sleep, happy with a full day.

How was your Tuesday? 

6 comments on “Day In the Life: Straight Cheesin’

  1. Annie

    You mentioned about your body confidence in an early paragraph, and I totally get it….I’m the same way so I try to remember one positive thing for every negative thing and sometimes I need someone on the outside to point it out…

    YOU CAN DO 15 PUSH-UPS!!! That’s awesome and hard. Good job! I hate push-ups. 🙂

  2. katie

    my tuesday sucked. someone at work was a jerk, i cried about three times, started a new MBA class with a teacher who’s personality is not great….and then got home and realized it was that time of the month, so i wasn’t quite as concerned about my crying, and now that its wednesday things are starting to feel more put together…its a day by day thing in my world for emotional health. uff da.


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