Friday Favorites

Hello from the seventh circle of hell, aka Penn Station. But my laptop and I are snuggled up in a corner, so it’s all good. I’m waiting for my friends, and we’re taking the train upstate to Hudson, NY to do fall things.

My train isn’t till 2:30 but I chose to take the whole day off instead of a half day. I have approximately a gazillion PTO days left (like I just started dipping into THIS year’s earlier this month), and sometimes it’s just easier to take the whole day off than rush around and try to cram a whole day into a half day.

So let’s talk about some things I’m lovin’ right now.

Lilly Pulitzer fantasy car

Pretty sure I need this Lilly car. Big hat tip to my friend Blake for sending. I wouldn’t get run over in NYC with this, right?!

Still one of the best bags I’ve ever purchased.

This iPhone hack to stop you from looking at your phone a million times a day

This video about a woman who showed up to first dates in her wedding dress


Kayla’s great post about fitness going from novelty to routine. I’m happy to say I feel the same exact way — something I never expected!

And finally — this Finding Dory Trina Turk swimsuit I ordered for Australia, because I’m an adult. Speaking of Australia, it’s just 68 days away!! CANNOT WAIT.

7 comments on “Friday Favorites

  1. Gilly

    Hey there – greetings from Australia! I am a big fan of your blog but never commented before. If you need any tips or hints for your trip shout out 🙂

  2. Heidi

    I am not sure if you’ve mentioned this before, but which parts of Australia are you visiting? I am a proud Aussie, you will love it I’m sure!

      1. Heidi

        I wrote a bunch of stuff and then lost it so I’ll just go with a summary! These of course are only my humble opinions. In Sydney, do the Bondi to Coogee walk / run to discover the coast line and some great beaches. The harbour and beaches are the places to be, the bridge climb is worth it. Brisbane (my home at the moment) – don’t let anyone convince you to go to the Gold Coast, it’s awful! If you want beaches go north to the Sunshine Coast. The ferry in Brisbane is a good way to get a feel for the city, there is some nice bushland like at Mt Coo-that & there are lots of good places to eat in New Farm, Newstead and Fortitude Valley. The islands off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton and North Stradbroke (Straddie), are both worth a visit. Not much to say about the Whitsundays, the islands and sailing / snorkelling are amazing (my cousin is a dive instructor at Hamilton Is.) and Airlie beach is a party town full of backpackers! NZ – one word – wineries. Hard to give advice not knowing where you are going, both islands have amazing scenery and mountains (and wineries). If you go to Auckland I’d recommend Waiheke island. If you are going to Queenstown, I’d try to also get to Wanaka, it’s lovely.
        Happy travels, look forward to hearing about your experiences!


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