Finding Some Happiness in Every Day

fighting for happiness

I’ve written a lot here about my mental health ups and downs. Though it’s sometimes difficult to share these kinds of posts, I really enjoy writing them because of the deep connection it forms with you, the person on the other side of the screen. (Or occasionally sitting next to me at work, which never feels creepy at all…)

I consider myself the type of person who would bend over backwards for her friends, family and coworkers, but over the years, I’ve really learned the importance of also taking care of myself. If I don’t, I’m not an effective friend/daughter/coworker. I’ve had struggles with depression of both the chemical and situational varieties, and I’ve learned happiness won’t come to me; I need to create it. (Or is that just growing up?)

Like most people, I think “maybe I’d be happier if xxx in my life.” Of course, some of that is within my control, and I go after that. Here’s some of my own ways I aggressively pursue happiness every day.

Work: A few years ago, I decided working in fitness was really important to me, and I narrowed my job search to only look at fitness jobs, and I found my current job, which I love. It’s still a “9-5” (<< LOL) but I have a ton of flexibility — because I sought that. At the time, fitness and “something I believe in” were my criteria, and I really lucked out. There are so many positives with my job, it makes it hard to imagine what I could possibly do next.

With more than 10 years under my belt in my career, I’ve gotten comfortable both raising my hand for projects that interest me but may not perfectly align with my skill set — yet … and also asking for help when needed and really going to bat for myself for it.

Accepting help: Through this past tough year, my amazing friends have been by my side, and they’ve always offered help. I used to have such a hard time taking it. I didn’t want to be a burden; everyone has their own issues. But, no, they’re offering help because they truly care, and I can’t do everything alone. The lovely lady I pay to help me figure it out reminds me I’ve always felt better after letting loved ones help.

Taking time for myself: To be fair, as a single lady without kids, this is easier for me than it may be for others. Taking time for myself means doing something that I want to do that brings me joy or satisfaction. Most of the time, this means working out. I’m now that jerk that needs endorphins. But sometimes this means the exact opposite — sometimes recognizing that sure, even though I will probably feel better working out, I just don’t want to. And that’s ok too sometimes. 

Making my bed. Also the kind of person who must make their bed in the morning. After a long day, getting into a neat bed feels like more of a treat than just hopping back in where I left off this morning.

What about you? What do you do to chase happiness and find some high in every day?

7 comments on “Finding Some Happiness in Every Day

  1. Gianna

    Love that you mentioned making your bed! It’s a must for me not only to start the day with a “task” but like you said getting in it at night feels that much better 🙂
    It’s great that you have such a good support system! Most of my friends have left the city, kids, family all that jazz for the suburbs so sometimes that can make it a bit lonely. The good news is that I am very adept in seeking my own happiness and doing things on my own!

  2. Dalindcy Koolhoven

    I love positive posts like this one! Accepting help is super important, as is taking time for yourself! I think it’s important to apply for jobs even if you don’t have all the skills listed in the job description. That’s how I have gotten jobs in the past, and it taught me a lot of new skills!

  3. katie

    I’m trying to find the right mix for happiness. thank you for sharing your thoughts behind mental health, I had a doom and gloom post ready for tomorrow, but thankfully am feeling better and was able to edit it a bit before it posted. I went to orange theory the other day and while it still isn’t better than yoga sculpt at corepower (in my book) its still a great workout!

  4. Krista @ Gringita

    interesting to the making your bed part! I have never really thought about making my bed (no i never do it) haha! The only time I ever was making my bed was when I lived in a small studio apartment, because the bed was really in the middle of everything and it made the room feel much cleaner when I somewhat made it


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