Gifts for the Llama Lover in Your Life

Around Thanksgiving, I wrote myself a list of all the gift guides I wanted to write. (Do you read Grace’s blog? It’s one of my favorites and I love love love all of her gift guides.) And then I wrote approximately none of them, and it’s 9 days until Christmas, and most of you have probably already finished your shopping and read a million other gift guides. I, of course, have not finished my shopping.

I’m pretty sure you won’t find this gift guide on any other blog.

Gifts for the Llama Lover

Save the Llama Drama for Your Mama

A few months ago, I participated in a hackathon at work. My group was going to build some crazy fancy photo booth, and my task included photo editing of some of the animals/“props” in our photo booth. Deliriously tired, I chose a llama and found it hilarious, starting this weird llama obsession of mine.

Gifts for llama lovers


So whether you’re a weirdo like me who’s into llamas, or you have a llama lover in your life…

Fancy Llama Sweater — “Because llamas can be fancy too.” I’m sorry, can someone give J. Crew’s copywriter a promotion? A+++.

“Ugly” Llama Sweater — Aren’t all llamas so ugly they’re cute? True story: at my cookie swap last weekend, I started the day in the ugly sweater and moved on to the “fancy” sweater for nighttime.

Llama Journal Stickers — For the llama-obsessed bullet-journaler

Stuffed Alpaca — I have this guy’s cousin sitting on my desk at work, and he is the BEST conversation starter. “Is that a llama?” “NO, it’s an alpaca…made of alpaca.”

Is anyone still reading? What’s your weird obsession?

8 comments on “Gifts for the Llama Lover in Your Life

  1. wendy

    i’m a sucker for any critter sweater, which jcrew does so well!
    I just bought a “ugly” christmas sweater with a french bulldog in a santa hat

  2. Laura

    I buy pajamas for my whole family every year (and a pair for myself so we can wear them together on Christmas Eve/Day), and this year I got llama pajamas for both myself and my sister-in-law 🙂 I bought them at Old Navy and it looks like they’re sold out of them online now, but there were a TON in store and they are a super cute print! Navy background, white llamas, and pink bows around their necks.

  3. Cindy

    I definitely read all the way through. This is possibly my favorite gift guide I’ve seen this year. And timely, because I also haven’t finished shopping. Whoopsies. Llamas for everyone!


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