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This blog is called Preppy Runner, but there hasn’t been a ton of running lately, to be honest.

Once the marathon bug bit me hard, I never thought I’d say that. Running became as much a part of my life as breathing was. I couldn’t picture living without it.

But then 2016 happened. I was dealing with the emotional weight of my mom being sick along with my own stupid sinus struggles, and running felt hard. I struggled to keep the pace for 3 miles I’d kept for 26.2. 

There’s satisfying hard, and there’s miserably frustrating hard. I fought and I fought and I fought…and finally I gave in in late 2016. It just wasn’t working for me. I’d come back to it in 2017.

Well, guys, it’s 2017. And it was warm this weekend, and I had a lot on my mind, so my running shoes and I headed out for a few miles.

Running three felt like 13, I took several walk breaks, and I was sore AF afterwards.

The road back to running more frequently isn’t going to be easy, but I’m willing to take it and am trying my best to be patient.

How have you come back from running after a longer-than-expected absence?

11 comments on “Getting Back to Running

  1. Kate

    Stick it out- you know if you push through those hard runs where every step feels like a mile and you wonder why the hell you do this you will eventually get one of those glorious runs that reminds you of how epic running is. And, we are heading in to perfect running weather- still cool, lots of sunshine, blue skies all around!

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      @Melissa: oof, was that a process! They even wanted to do surgery…I was on a bunch of meds and just not feeling any better…it actually wasn’t until I got off all the meds that I felt better using just a Neti pot! I think the meds ended up drying me up *too* much.

  2. Courtney

    Yep! Plantar fasciitis knocked me almost nearly out last winter off and on for 6 months until I (like you) gave up on my 2016 season. Running became something that, not only I couldn’t do very much of because of my injury, but also that I no longer trusted. Pain was my threshold – I could run if I woke in the morning without pain and I had had no pain the day before. It became a real wildcard and the anxiety associated with not knowing what my running day-to-day looked like was crippling. Of course, I gained some weight in the process because sads and anxiety. I’m focusing more on triathlon this year, and the variety has helped my running a lot. I’m still rebuilding, but it’s a new normal, and a ridiculously slow process for me because I’m also impatient. FWIW, I’m training by heart rate now and I can’t even see my pace on my Garmin. That has helped a lot, as well.

    All that to say, hang in there. It takes a while to love running again after time off (you know this), and even one bad run can set you back mentally. I think you’re doing great, and I still love reading your blog. 🙂

  3. Kelsey @ SoMuchLife

    Hmm…interesting. I’m in the same boat. I was really into half and full marathons for a while, but now it’s been 3 years since I’ve done any races. I think part of that is due to finding some other exercise forms that I like more, like barre and yoga. I’ve found that with those two, I like my body shape better than when I was running long distances! Some people are able to lose a lot of weight when they run, but for some reason, I always GAIN weight when I do long runs. I think it’s because I get sooo hungry!! Anyway, I definitely miss the races and want to sign up for a half marathon again soon!

  4. Neal

    Plantar fasciitis, craniotomy to repair an aneurysm and last year a stress fracture. Coming back can be a struggle, particularly when you have to go slower-than-slow, but I have never finished a run and thought “Crap I wish I hadn’t run today”. I think for me being outside is an integral part of the experience, seeing the sun come up, hearing the song birds, even heat and cold are appreciated! Slow and steady, eat and sleep, you’ll get there.

  5. Kimberly Lee

    I haven’t ran in nearly 3 years. First it was a complicated pregnancy, then life with a newborn, and finally I discovered Crossfit and that became my go-to form of fitness. But recently a cherished friend asked me to run a half-marathon with her. So I hired a running coach, laced up my sneaks and am easing back into it. And while it is MUCH harder than it use to be, I realize that I have missed it.

  6. Sanna

    I’m just getting back after my health forced me to take an 8-month break, and it’s tough! Yesterday’s 4 miles felt like a half marathon, it was horrible haha. I wish you lots of patience and success!

  7. Joe Ashton

    I used to jog a lot when I was younger. Then when I became too busy with work, I don’t get enough sleep due to stress, I can no longer jog. It took me almost 7 years before getting back to jogging. Now, I just do it once a week. I’m still far from what I do before, but I think I can manage this way. And since, I get skinnier if I add more jogging routine, I don’t do it often. Once a week is enough. I’m just wondering if I can join some running event with this kind of routine. I don’t really like to jog a lot now, because I don’t want to get skinny. I’m just 46kg and 5’4″ in height. What do you think should I do?


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