Here’s What’s Making Me Happy Right Now

Not going to lie that I’ve been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster as of late, but I’m trying so hard, as usual, to hold on to the good.

Here’s what’s making me happy as of late:

Our Junior League Winter Ball is this weekend, and I am SO excited for my dress! Currently trying to decide just how to style it (and what to do with my hair!), but I’m in love with this ring my mom’s letting me borrow and I’m so excited to see all of my favorite people in one place, too. Sort of have my eye on this fur number…

Sapphire Ring

Orange Theory Park Slope

Went to Orange Theory in Park Slope yesterday with a group of bloggers and now, of course, I want to start going back like. all. the. time.

I’m going to the Dave Nee Foundation gala this week with my friend Joan. As you know, being open about mental health is really important to me, as scary as it can be to be that vulnerable sometimes. The purpose of the foundation is to remove the stigma associated with depression.

I’m usually strictly a Kindle/iPad reading kinda girl, but I’ve been trying really hard to work on my sleep (I’m sort of a terrible sleeper) which involved turning off the devices. As such, I currently have a few ~ paper ~ books I’m reading; all of which I’m excited about.

Follow Me Into the Dark (by my internet buddy Felicia — a dark, suspenseful book

Behind Her Eyes, another thriller, via Book of the Month ($9.99/month!)

Attached, The Science of Adult Attachment (basically, attempting to armchair psychologist my relationship issues)

I bought a ThirdLove bra just before Christmas. It’s more than I normally spend on a bra, but it is GOOD. They just released this pretty one…and I’m thinking about it! (If you use this link, we each get $15 off.)

RUNNING/BLOGGING STUFF! I’d been feeling weirdly vulnerable in this space for a while, but …why?! Don’t call it a comeback, people. I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff behind the scenes, and I’m also excited to start doing some virtual run coaching, so let me know if you’re interested! I wrote a plan for a friend’s first half last week, and it got me really excited for everything else I’m working on.

Headspace — can’t get enough of this meditation app! It’s really really helping me with my sleeping/life outlook.

What’s making you happy right now?

8 comments on “Here’s What’s Making Me Happy Right Now

  1. Lucy

    Please don’t buy a rabbit fur poncho. Animals are bred for the sole purpose of being skinned alive to make fur coats and other items. Try to imagine what it would feel like to be skinned alive. I’m sure there are other cruelty-free options to wear with the beautiful dress.

  2. Nicole

    you know what’s funny? for some reason i assumed THIRDLOVE would be a sports bra and I was like why is she running in that? then I came back down to earth and realized it was just a bra you like 🙂

  3. Lindsay

    I enjoy your blog and think you have a really solid perspective. Would be interested in learning more about this run coaching! But also on the side of “avoid buying fur new” 🙂


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