The Apartment Refresh That’s Turning My Mood Around

I was thinking today about this post I’m about to write. And about how my blog is called Preppy Runner, but how I don’t often blog about running any more.

But yet about how running and fitness are so key to my happiness, my soul, my identity. How my face lights up the most when I talk about running, and about how fitness has the power to change your life, how it changed mine. I’m studying for the NASM exam, and that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

(That’s all, just a musing.)

Last week, I said I was embarking on an apartment refresh. I had a really scary panic attack last week, to the point that I almost went to the ER, before calling my doctor and realizing it was just a terrible case of anxiety. (My fave grief author has an upcoming book about grief + anxiety that can not come out soon enough!) Once I took a Klonopin and calmed down, my best friend thrust me into organizing and redecorating my apartment, and my therapist suggested the same thing the next day. I actually moved into my apartment two years ago today, and…obviously a lot has happened in those two years, so I didn’t really decorate much/as much I would have liked to.

And so, I’ve spent a lot of the past week organizing and decorating…and it’s been really fun.

Closet Refresh Real Simple Hangers

We started out with my closet. And I will just leave at this: I am really glad I didn’t take a before! My apartment has kind of been like I think I am — seems mostly OK on the outside, kinda a hot mess inside. I was ashamed to open my messy closet and told Meg not to judge me…outside. I have probably eight bags of stuff to be donated now! And I am shocked that all of this fit into one closet — this was spread throughout both of my closets before. But Meg suggested I get these hangers, instead of my beloved pretty wooden ones, and they made a huge difference!

World Market Gold Terra Cotta Shower Curtain

In my bathroom, I went for this shower curtain and this cheery rug. Not pictured, but I got these AWESOME new knobs from Anthro. I don’t know why I’d never thought to change out knobs, but it is such a quick update! Now I’m on the hunt for new knobs for my kitchen, but I need 14, so slowing my roll on that.

In my bedroom, I went for this Kate Spade duvet. I love the pink pillow that they sell with it, but at $89…LOLLLLLLLL. (Ali sent me Ellie the Elephant just after my mom died, and yes, I’m 35 and sleeping with a stuffed animal, it’s cool.) I got these curtains and then went to M&J for ribbon for the tiebacks! I’m not sure yet which one I’m going to go with, but I’m leaning yellow/navy.

Rugs USA Pink Rug

In my living room, so far the biggest change I’ve made is moving that bookcase over from one side of the TV to the other. I got this rug  just before Christmas in an insomnia shopping binge, and I regret nothing. This chair is on its way to replace the one in the corner there, and this desk is also on its way, because hello crazy sale!!! (Couch and table also West Elm. I try really hard to buy furniture elsewhere…but they always just have exactly what I want at the right price.)

It’s nice having this project to work on!

Also, here’s an awesome (timely for me!) post that one of my fave bloggers, Grace, wrote this week on home decor tips. What are your tips/fave finds?

15 comments on “The Apartment Refresh That’s Turning My Mood Around

  1. katie

    The one thing that makes me feel good is a vision board! It shows me things I’m working towards or things that make me smile or articulate feelings i have that others may not realize.

  2. Catherine

    I ended up in urgent care to learn what I thought was vertigo was actually a panic attack. I was diagnosed with PTSD from essentially watching my mom die. It never even occurred to me that could happen to me. I’m so glad you were able to practice this self-care. Sending you lots of love.

      1. Catherine

        @Theodora Blanchfield: Grief is a total bitch. Once I realized that what was happening was a panic attack it helped a little bit. Just knowing what it was made me feel a little bit more in control of it anyway. I am so grateful for your sharing your journey with grief. <3

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  4. Alison

    Looks great! I think changing/improving your space is a great idea. Sometimes you need a physical or environmental change to help with a mental one 🙂

    I love HomeGoods and always recommend a stop (or two) over there to anyone who is redecorating. It’s a great place to find staples (pillows, lamps. any kind of kitchenware, etc) and also to find some of those extras that make a space feel like home (decorative trays, ginger jars, etc). And I have also seen decorative knobs there! Very similar to Anthro but more affordable (they’re usually sold in sets of 4 or 8 for $10-15 per set).

  5. margaret

    I love the thought of redecorating as a refresher to pull you up in tough times. In my lowest moments, I’ve learned to dive head first into volunteer work. Being able to give something, even when i’m at my lowest, has a way of helping me realize that I can get through this, that helping someone else really does make you feel good, you get to build relationships with new people and have new experiences, and it’s a good distraction. Hang in there, you’re going to have highs and lows. I appreciate your honesty on your own path.


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