Live from California, It’s Me?

Venice sign

I’m sitting here in an Airbnb in Pasadena. The entire original genesis of this trip was my best friend Meg needing to be out here for work. Then…I just decided not to go back to NYC quite yet.

We finished our cross-country train trip last Friday, so I’ve officially been in LA for a week, which already feels both like forever ago and like yesterday. I’ve had moments of feeling like I’ve been here forever and everything is right; I’ve had moments where I questioned what the hell I’m doing.

Meg and I teared up over dinner last night, and I know saying goodbye to her tonight will be difficult—but another good friend made a good point: that it’s so hard to say goodbye is a reflection of how strong our friendship is. (Though, I did cry basically all day when my friend/former boss Jordan moved out here…and then I followed her out here.)

I’m working on a gazillion freelance pitches right now, so I’m warning you now this post is just a hey what’s up hello post because the rest of my brainpower is going towards those pitches.

So here’s what’s up in my world/what I’m loving/what I’m thinking about.

Thinking: It is really hard to get used to driving again after living in NYC for 10 years! I don’t even mean the actual driving, since I’ve always driven in NJ and on vacations, etc, but just the idea that I can put groceries in a car, that I don’t have to walk a mile somewhere. Also, and this is going to make me sound 35 going on 85: but all this new car technology (bluetooth, backup cameras, iPhone plugs) is crazy to me! Back in my day…

Speaking of my elder millenial status, I am terrible with directions. Like, can’t navigate my way out of a paper bag. I’m trying to figure out my new environs beyond just what Google Maps tells me — I’m trying to learn how all the neighborhoods connect, so I bought this map.

airbnb venice

I’m excited for my new spot. My settling strategy has been this: I stayed in one Airbnb for a week when I got here and then I’ll be spending a month in my next one, in Santa Monica. Airbnb has been surprisingly good for long term!


Let’s just give this one its own category, yeah?

Yoga Design Lab

First of all, I’m loving trying out the new studios here. Second of all, I’m obsessed with my new mat.

Third of all…

I’m going to do a yoga teacher training!!!! To be honest, I’ve wanted to do it for years and decided to go for it here to give me a great way to meet people and build community instantly. 


I just went to B&N today and picked up a wholeeeee bunch of yoga-related books for the training—I’m so excited to read yoga nerd stuff.

Have you heard of the Thousandth Floor series? I am OBSESSED. They’re probably technically YA, but they’re a series of fascinating brain candy about a group of teenagers living in the year 2119. It’s cool even just to think of what potential technology might exist then.

OK, that’s all I’ve got. 

What are you reading?

Tips on getting adjusted to a new city? 

4 comments on “Live from California, It’s Me?

  1. Laura

    I loveddddddd Thousandth Floor! I just realized I totally missed the third one getting published last month, so I need to get on that now. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  2. Katie

    I don’t know about LA…but in Minneapolis there are quite a few facebook communities for creatives, and a lot of them do meet ups. I’m sure with your contacts you could ask if there are any other good groups to join as well. Or junior league contacts?


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