This May Be Oversharing, Episode 5: 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Healthy Living

This May Be Oversharing Podcast: Episode 5!

Ten years ago, I decided I needed to make a change. I am trying so hard in general to not obsess over dates, so I’m not going to go searching for the actual date but it was some time between my birthday and the end of February.

I was overweight and still unhappy. The move from Washington, D.C. to NYC hadn’t been the immediate salve I’d hoped for. I still needed to find what made me happy. And at the time, that was very clearly alcohol and food.

I decided to lose 50 pounds for a friend’s wedding, and, well, if you’ve read for a long time, you know the rest. If you haven’t read for a while, the tl;dr: I lost the weight, I ran 30+ halfs, seven marathons, did a handful of triathlons…and then gained back some of the weight. And dealt with grief and mental health. The latter two will be a part of my life forever, in different forms.

But the one common thread to all of this: 10 years ago is when I decided I deserved to take care of my health–and now that means all of it.

And so that’s what this latest podcast episode is about–the top 10 things I’ve learned in these 10 years about living a healthy lifestyle. What about you? What have you learned?

3 comments on “This May Be Oversharing, Episode 5: 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Healthy Living

  1. Hillary

    Similar to you, I’ve also learned that I’ve got to have FUN with workouts to keep consistent. I’ve learned that I’m a morning person and if I dont’ stay consistent there, I will likely stop them for … who knows how long. Rest days are important for my sanity.

    Regarding healthy eating – finding foods that make ME feel great. What are foods that I eat out and feel nourished, full enough and good with? How can I recreate those at home, etc.

    Loved the pod!

  2. Kimi Runner

    After got tuberculosis last year which lead to lost my job, my income and everything, I need to prioritize my health all above everything else. I ran before but quit in 2015 so early 2018 I ran again and make it a habit till now. I love running every day, it makes me feel less stress, more happy and have enough space to think about business.

    I enjoy running so much! BTW love your blog!

  3. dthealthy

    I like running every morning before starting working. It’s make me feel more power for starting new day. Sometime, if i dont running, i feel tired and want to sleep in afternoon.
    I love running so much, it’s your life.


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