Tastes of Normal

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sitting on my favorite chair by my window killing a little time before meeting my BFF for a spin class tonight.

I just got home from recording a podcast interview with Rebecca Soffer, the founder of Modern Loss, an irreverent site about grief.

I worked a half day (I’m working part-time filling in for a friend who’s on maternity leave) in an office, and I filed a story for Self before going to work. I sat in front of my light box, I journaled, I read from Journey to the Heart.

I’m texting with a bevy of boys, and will hopefully have some dates coming up.

I started a new med last week, and I have more hope. While I’m trying to learn not to judge/measure myself by my productivity or lack thereof, it feels so so good to have days like this—days like I used to have. Maybe that was never sustainable, but it still feels nice to have a taste of “old me.”

Yesterday was a particularly dark day (for no good reason, YAY), so these flashes of light are extra appreciated.

7 comments on “Tastes of Normal

  1. Lindsay

    I hope the med switch works out. When I went to my doctor to make a change I was told: my life isn’t that bad, use my light therapy light, and find church, among other things.

  2. Hillary Gras

    Love reading this! I know what you mean… comparison trap to YOURSELF!! Ugh.

    Have fun with the boys and enjoy spin!

  3. Annie

    I’m so glad to see you’re having these moments of joy in your day-to-day. It reminds me to look for them as well!


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