This May Be Oversharing, Episode 7: Creating with Intention (A Solo Ep)

I have spent a lot of time offline in the past six weeks, and honestly it’s been kind of amazing, and I’m beginning to gain a clarity I’ve needed for a long time.

But I’ve realized that I have just jumped into a lot of things in life, including this, without thinking and acting intentionally.

That’s been a major strategy much of my adult life.

Sometimes it’s really served me, sometimes not so much.

I’m taking a little more time to think about what that means here, for my podcast, for my social media, and I’m excited to come back with a much more thoughtful approach.

5 comments on “This May Be Oversharing, Episode 7: Creating with Intention (A Solo Ep)

  1. Anne

    Thank you for being so honest! I also wanted to come by and say something that I feel like I’ve said to a lot of bloggers recently… I know the trend is to try to be an “influencer”, and that you need to optimize search strategies and results, etc. But I – and I suspect a lot of other relatively silent readers – really value bloggers like you, who keep it real, who share their lives, and who are willing to engage with people they may never meet in person. I so appreciate your willingness to do so – and wanted you to know that whenever you decide to pick up posting again, and whatever you decide to post about, I will be here. Cheering you on.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Thank you <3 <3

      Look, I had a certain amount of momentum years ago. And I *could* have ridden the influencer train and made a lot of money that way—but that wasn't me. I've left a lot of money on the table for stuff that's felt inauthentic to me. (That said, I've also left a lot of money on the table not believing in myself, but working on that.)

      It's worth it to me to engage with people I never meet because you all are real people too, and it means a lot to me that you care to read and comment on what I write.


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