This May Be Oversharing: Episode 9 with Sasha Wolff, Still I Run

running for mental health sasha wolff still i run

I’ve long wished for some kind of group or community tying mental health struggles with running—and I found it about a month ago in this article in Women’s Running! Sasha Wolff is the founder of Still I Run, a community that that runs for their health, raises awareness of mental health issues and works to stop the stigma.

Sasha Wolff is the founder of Still I Run – Runners for Mental Health Awareness. She created the non-profit community after she discovered the benefits of running after a brief hospitalization for depression and anxiety. When she isn’t working on growing Still I Run, Sasha works full time as a communications specialist for a furniture manufacturer in Michigan. She is also a wife and mother to one (soon to be two!). Sasha and her family love to run, spend time on Lake Michigan, and be with their family and friends in their spare time.

Because one of the best ways to combat anxiety and depression is through exercise and running, we’re combining the two. Still I Run is our take on the famous Maya Angelou poem Still I Rise. Though we may feel defeated and deflated, we can fight the good fight and get out and be healthy both physically and mentally…. together.

We talk about using running as a coping tool for depression, Sasha’s own hospitalization and just kind of geek out on running. You’ll want to get running after you listen!

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