This May Be Oversharing: Episode 9 with Leanne Shear, founder of Uplift Studios

Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine, Leanne Shear. I have such admiration for Leanne—she kinda seems to be awesome at whatever she does. She’s written two books, run a 3:29 marathon and, oh yeah, runs a badass fitness studio, Uplift Studios, that is hands-down my favorite studio in NYC. (I’m currently on the hunt for an LA studio to love even half as much as Uplift.)

We talk about the realities of building a business and staying strong through adversity, female empowerment, running, writing and more.

Plus, find out the hilarious thing she does to combat negative thoughts. If you’re in NYC, look out for her doing this on the streets of the city!

As a sidenote, I’m working on podcasting more regularly. Let’s call it a work in progress…

Where to Find Leanne and Uplift

Leanne on Instagram

Uplift Studios website

Uplift’s Instagram

Things We Talk About

Fit & Fierce Over Fifty

Leanne’s books: The Perfect Manhattan and Cocktail Therapy

RIP Daily Candy


Workout + WineLeanne bought out her business partners

Meditation changing your brain waves

Growth mindset

Startup of You


Strong Women Uplift Each Other events

Build program at Uplift

Uplift Sculpt

Conversations with Friends

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

Modo Yoga

Chalk Gyms



Brene Brown


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