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Morning Zen

This morning, I finally got a chance to check out a Bryant Park Lululemon yoga class with Mar-see-ah.


(photo via Mar-see-ah)

It was in the shade by the library, which I found a little surprising. I thought it would be on the lawn for some reason.

I’m not a huge yogi, but I thought the class was a little repetitive. There was one series with three-legged dog, standing split and knee-to-nose that seemed to go on forever. Otherwise, for a free outdoor yoga class, it was great! During savasana, one of the instructors came over to adjust me. I was feeling so relaxed at this point that I was completely surprised when she did, and I jumped a bit.

I left feeling more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time. Must. Do. More. Yoga.


I went out for a coffee meeting (and biked there and back!), and when I came back, I threw some leftovers from Hill Country the other night on a plate. Mashed sweet potato and some beans with beef tips, and I warmed up the ribs.

Take me back to yoga.