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Morning Zen

This morning, I finally got a chance to check out a Bryant Park Lululemon yoga class with Mar-see-ah.


(photo via Mar-see-ah)

It was in the shade by the library, which I found a little surprising. I thought it would be on the lawn for some reason.

I’m not a huge yogi, but I thought the class was a little repetitive. There was one series with three-legged dog, standing split and knee-to-nose that seemed to go on forever. Otherwise, for a free outdoor yoga class, it was great! During savasana, one of the instructors came over to adjust me. I was feeling so relaxed at this point that I was completely surprised when she did, and I jumped a bit.

I left feeling more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time. Must. Do. More. Yoga.


I went out for a coffee meeting (and biked there and back!), and when I came back, I threw some leftovers from Hill Country the other night on a plate. Mashed sweet potato and some beans with beef tips, and I warmed up the ribs.

Take me back to yoga.

Gettin’ Some…BBQ

Yeah. This whole getting laid off thing isn’t easy. Wednesday and Thursday’s upbeat mood was finally replaced with a serious case of reality and the gravity of the situation yesterday. I try to keep things as positive as possible here, but I also try to keep it real, so there you go.


So, I went on a date last night. We went to Rattle N Hum, a kinda cute beer bar in an unexpected area–33rd and 5th? Okay.

I had an Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cream Ale.


We hung out there for awhile before going to Hill Country for dinner. They give you a meal ticket, and you bring it up and tell them what you want.


We got some of the moist (ew) beef, some of the lean beef and short ribs. Short is a total lie, because they were huge. For sides, we got mac and cheese, beans with burnt ends (the ends of the meat) and the sweet potato mash. The mac ‘n’ cheese was only so-so, but the sweet potato had good flavor and the beans were delicious.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in the south. I’d be eating a lot more BBQ.