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An 18+ mile day!


This morning, I woke up early, avoided last week’s drama by taking a cab after I waited for an uptown 4 train for 15 minutes, and met Ashley and Rebecca at 23rd and 2nd. We ran down 2nd until it turned to Bowery, and then ran to the Brooklyn Bridge.

My tummy was feeling a bit rumbly when we started out, but I quieted it until I was on the Manhattan Bridge—at which point, I couldn’t keep it settled any more. I slowed to walk for part of the bridge and finally decided to suck it up and try to keep up with Ashley and Rebecca. I made it until we got to E. Houston and Bowery, when I decided I’d feel much less anxious if I stopped in the Whole Foods bathroom. I told them to go on without me, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be.

After a quick pit stop, I emerged from Whole Foods pumped for the rest of my run. 6 down, 9 to go. I popped a Gu and headed for the FDR. I ran up the FDR path until 37th Street, where it ended (score 1, West Side Highway path) and then ran towards 2nd Ave, in need of a bathroom again. (Sigh.) After bathroom stop #2, I ate some more Gu and was ready to rock the rest out. I’d already done about 10 at that point, so I was pumped that I was closer to done than not and I was still feeling fine. (The entire time, the only thing that bothered me was my stomach. I was okay with that…)

I usually run alone, so it was awesome to have company, and we were all around the same pace, which was really nice.

(If I haven’t bored you yet, click below to read more :))


I was trying to decide whether to end my run at the gym, where I could stretch it out, or if I should end near a subway. I decided I just wanted to get home, so I ran ALL THE WAY ACROSS 59th Street (as in, from 2nd Ave to 11th Ave) and then down 11th to 34th and across to Penn Station, where I hopped limped onto the subway. Did I totally stretch on the subway platform while I waited? Yup! Not being sore as hell was more important than not looking like a tool. I was so excited, I called my parents multiple times to tell them I ran 15 miles!

I honestly really hate socks, but decent running socks make a difference. I usually wearFeetures socks, but I tried these Karen Neuburger socks the company sent me. They were a little thinner than my Feetures socks but no more or less comfortable. I still have a weird runners’ toenail on my right foot, but I don’t have any blisters!

My friend Anna was in town for the afternoon, so I met her at Bubby’s for brunch, where I got huevos rancheros.

Later, I did some shopping and walked back from Union Square to my apartment. (That’s where the extra 3 comes from.) Needless to say, I’m beat.

BUT HAPPY. I ran 15 miles today! I was FREAKING out about it last night, but I totally rocked it. I feel much more confident about my marathon now. I also still can’t believe I can run this far!!!